IPhone 12 mockups featured in videos


The models of iPhone 12 begin to circulate, while the props provide their weapons and mussels for their cases. We will be careful of any conclusion from these models, because Apple may have managed to deceive everyone! After all, it’s already arrived…

Three sizes that adapt well to iOS 14.
No LiDAR on these three models.

Marques Brownlee received three models of iPhone 12, for the three supposed sizes of the range: 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, knowing that there should be two versions of 6.1 inches. None of the youtuber’s models have LiDAR on the back. A recent rumor based on a CAD file seemed to indicate that only the most high-end would be equipped with the sensor currently present on the iPad Pro. Keep in mind that these models are intended for props who have nothing to do with the number of sensors in the photo block.

The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 facing the tiny iPhone 4.
For the iPhone 12, Apple would update the flat slices launched with the iPhone 4, and which came back in force with the iPad Pro in 2018. This design makes the model easier to handle, according to Marques .
The difference is very clear with an iPhone 11 Pro.

MacRumors is also there go of its handling of the three formats of the iPhone 12. They also have no LiDAR, however we can see the difference between the 5.4-inch model, an iPhone SE 2016 (4 inches) and the iPhone SE 2020 (4.7 inch).

The future small iPhone 12 should satisfy those nostalgic for 4-inch smartphones: a smaller footprint for a larger screen. The device could even meet the desire of many to have in hand an iPhone SE without home button, with an edge-to-edge screen.

Back to school is still far away, other rumors (and other models) are sure to come out by then. And if you happen to be hanging around the Shenzhen electronics fair, think of us!

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