World Introduces SEP to teachers, back to school protocol in...

Introduces SEP to teachers, back to school protocol in “new normal”


Al back to school, the public schools will be obliged to provide gel anti-bacterial, soap and water his students, after the crisis for Coronavirus 2019; In addition, class attendance will be organized by alphabetical order According to the students’ last name, to avoid conglomerations, he warned the Secretary of Public Education (SEP).

In a videoconference with teachers and supervisors from all over the country on the return to the new normal, the head of the SEP, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, presented the protocol to be followed in public schools; for example, that three sanitary filters at home, when entering school and the classroom to avoid or prevent Coronavirus 2019 infections.

In addition, it will be compulsory to wear a mask or scarf; Civic ceremonies and meetings, such as school meetings, will be suspended.

The agency indicated that a healthy distance must be maintained at the entrances and exits of school sites; He recalled that children will go out to recess but in a staggered manner and that attendance at remedial courses will be organized in alphabetical order, according to the students’ last names: Monday and Wednesday, students whose last names go from A to L; Tuesdays and Thursdays from M to Z and Friday, the students with the most lag.

SEP’s strategy will be based on caring for the other and discipline, Moctezuma Barragán explained, to avoid confrontations and that students are afraid of their classmates.

“I want to be careful with the protocol of return because in other countries to keep the distance, decisions have been made that alienate or confront people. We do not want to cultivate fear of the other, we want to cultivate an attitude of consideration towards others. In other words, we will cultivate the ‘I take care of the other’ ”, he said.

“For example, when using mandatory mouth masks, learning should not be what I use to protect myself, but what I use to protect others.”



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