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The Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G comes with a leading-edge camera innovation that allows users to share their most epic side through contemporary fashion photography content

Content fashion you could say it’s one type of content that never dies. Content popularity fashion itself is inseparable from the ease with which people can express themselves through clothing styles that can be worn instantly smartphone. With various trends fashion already popping up this year, starting from gothcore along with the viral serial “Wednesday” to Y2K which is still popular in the 90s, of course you can’t miss the trend fashion up to date to create more content epic. So that the results of the photos are of higher quality, you can use techniques fashion fotography and capture more professionally use the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G which is equipped with the most advanced camera innovations.

“With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, anyone can share most side epic of personality and aspirations fashionthrough fashion photography and get professional-grade photos more easily. This is because the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G has been designed to answer consumer needs in creating high-quality content thanks to advanced camera features such as Adaptive Pixel 200MP, Nightography, to Expert RAW which is enhanced for better content results. epic in every condition,” he said Verry Octavianus, Product Marketing Manager Samsung Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Make Fashion Photography Content More Epic with the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Camera Innovation

Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G’s ability to create fashion photography Which epic like a professional has also been proven by fashion photographer famous, Nicoline Patricia Malina. “As a photographer at this time, I have smartphone with professional camera quality it’s all the more important. Because the smartphones in our hands can help us as photographer whenever we need it especially when a professional camera can’t or shouldn’t be used. So, since I know smartphone Samsung last year and this year Samsung is out of line smartphone which is very strong in its camera, namely the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, I already thought that this smartphone could be device on-the-go for me because of the quality of the camera No play around. The Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G has standards smartphone photography which I think is the best at the moment. We can execute the photos fashion spread starting from which simple to complicated ones because of the many supporting features. For me, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G can open up more inspiration fashion spread Which trending in 2023,” said Nicoline.

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Check out Nicoline’s experience in producing fashion photography epic with the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G which can be an inspiration for OOTD content for you:

Create Content Full Body Fashion Look ala Cover Magazine inspiring

Fashion photography has been a source of inspiration for many people from time to time, especially for those who like to make fashion magazines as a reference style. This sense of inspiration also encouraged many people to share their beautiful appearance epic in the form of content, where content full body look continues to be popular among social media users. In this case, according to Nicoline, full body look epic ones can be made by playing with angles, like low angle nor eye level.

Using an Ultra Wide Lens on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G for a more Epic Full Body Look

Whatever angle you choose, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is equipped with an ultra-wide lens with a wide field of view to ensure optimal results. full body look you are completely whole and epic. Apart from that, according to Nicoline, there is one feature that is worth a try capture full body shot, ie mode HDR in resolution 50MP. Because, smartphone most of the others still use HDR mode at 12.5MP resolution, so you can feel the difference in quality. “With this feature, we can get more HDR photos vividmore detailed, and minimal blur. Moreover, there is Tetra2pixel technology which makes the image minimal noise in every lighting condition, so whatever vibe you want to display on fashion photography it will really come up as expected,” said Nicoline.

Make high fashion photography a more elegant one with captivating detail and focus

If you have a collection outfit brandedyou can try to create content high fashion photography. Although more put forward a simple concepthigh fashion photography synonymous with elegant execution results to bring out its own charm for those who see it. This is also suitable for those of you who want to channel the soul of the model that is in you.

Adaptive Pixel 200 MP Able to Capture the Beauty of Outfit Artkea Stripes with Epic Details

For Nicoline herself, high fashion photography requires a high level of detail. The reason is, not infrequently this approach focuses on fashion item certain, so not necessarily display outfit overall. Well, if you will highlight specifically to certain accessories, in addition to photographing outfit branded you as a whole, Adaptive Pixel 200MP on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G can make it easier for you to determine the focus of the photo. Thanks to the support of Super QPD technology, all 200 million pixels can be used for focusing, so the camera can do it auto-focus faster and more accurately.

Super HDR technology on the Selfie Camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G
Produce Clear Images Even in Lowlight Conditions

Besides, for capture focus on more specific areas more easily, we can also use the front camera. Although not all smartphone has a front camera that is quite capable of producing clear images, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G comes as a differentiator thanks to the Super HDR front camera so that the results selfie could be sharper to emphasize the details of the creation high fashion photography. “With the Super HDR front camera, we can create content fashion more detailed and aesthetic by focusing on things that might be unimaginable like accessories, let alone with fashion item high-end which adds to the elegant impression of the photos we take,” said Nicoline.

Create content low light fashion photography which is different from the others

Always fashion photography different? You can try to get creative with low light photography to present a more unique and authentic OOTD. In this case, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, along with the Galaxy S23+ 5G and S23 5G, brings technological improvements Nightography to create the best photo quality in minimal lighting conditions. So, if you usually determine the location in creating content fashion photography being one of the most important aspects challengingThe Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is here as the answer to help you make places look bigger aestheticincluding in dark conditions both indoors and outdoors.

Mode Portrait Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Membuat Konten Fashion Photography Outfit Artkea Bloom Kian Epic

Thanks to the latest AI-based ISP algorithm and doubling the OIS angle in all directions, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is able to more optimally correct noise while displaying more details and colors when shooting in low light. According to Nicoline, one of the features that is worth a try to make low light fashion photography Which epic with the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is Night Portrait. “With this feature, we can get low light portrait which is more detailed and realistic to make outfit we are more standout even though the light around is minimal. Doubling the OIS angle also makes the device more stable when in use shutter speed slow, so we can get the maximum photo results in conditions low light,” said Nicoline.

Using the Expert RAW Feature to Take Editorial Photos Like Using a Professional Camera

Nicoline added, to further maximize quality fashion photography that is taken, we can use Expert RAW and take photos in RAW format which saves more data on the photos. This is very beneficial to the process editing to make the photo even bigger vividmore detailed, and sharper for our liking.

Get it Galaxy S23 Series 5G and share most side epic you right now!

Ready to share sides epic you with the Galaxy S23 Series 5G? You can do pre-order Galaxy S23 Series 5G during the period 2–23 February 2023 at Interestingly, Samsung is now presenting the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G with a variant storage 1TB to answer a need fashion photography like a pro, so you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space in storing various items footage, even RAW format photos even if they are large in size. This also complements the advanced 200MP camera innovation from the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G in creating the best quality content in various conditions.

Consumers can get the Galaxy S23 5G at a price of IDR 12,999,000 (8GB/256GB) and IDR 13,999,000 (12GB/512GB). Then, the Galaxy S23+ 5G is available at IDR 15,999,000 (8GB/256GB) and IDR 17,999,000 (12GB/512GB). Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is available at IDR 19,999,000 (12GB/256GB), IDR 21,999,000 (12GB/512GB) and IDR 25,999,000 (12GB/1TB).

During the pre-order period, consumers can enjoy benefits worth a total of up to IDR 7,600,000 for every purchase of the Galaxy S23 Series 5G. These benefits consist of free ROM capacity upgrades, e-vouchers worth up to IDR 1,000,000, cashback from partner banks up to IDR 1,000,000, additional cashback of up to IDR 1,000,000 from the previous flagship series (S Series, Foldable Series, Note series, FE Series). , 1,200 GB data package bonus from operator partners, and Samsung Care+ protection for 1 year worth IDR 1,599,000.

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