Intesa Sanpaolo presents the survey ‘Collectors and the value of art in Italy’ – Lombardy

The private banking division traces the identikit of the collectors. Streaming on at 3pm

Propose a specialized reflection on the relevance of art market in Italy in the hope of providing evaluation tools to face new challenges and in the conviction of contributing to the generation of information and knowledge useful for the country and for the support of an economically relevant sector from an identity point of view such as the artistic one. This is the ambition of the volume ‘Collectors and Value of Art in Italy’, the first of a series of studies dedicated to the art market promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking in collaboration with the Art Culture and Historical Heritage Department and the Studies and Research Department of the bank.
For over a decade, “the art and collectible goods market has been considered a consolidated economic sector, the subject of growing attention from analysts, scholars, credit institutions and institutional investors – reads the introduction of the book -. before, collectables were perceived as ‘safe-haven assets’, although few collectors bought to invest, now they are considered independent financial instruments and investments, alternative – or rather complementary – to more traditional ones, representing a distinct asset class “.

With this first survey on Italian collectors, Intesa Sanpaolo intends to test a detection method, obtain reliable data and analyze unpublished information regarding the collection of modern and contemporary art in our country.
The editorial project will be presented on 11 January, at 3 pm, at the Gallerie d’Italia in Piazza Scala, in Milan, and in streaming on the ANSA website.



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