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If your smartphone consumes a lot of suspicious Internet traffic, you need to immediately disable access to the network and turn off the device. Alesya Borovikova, a specialist in the press service of Roskachestvo, gave such advice to the Russians in an interview with the Prime agency.

She explained that smartphones update some servers in the background, including those of SIM card operators. “Together, they consume not so many megabytes of traffic, and in case of increased consumption, you should think about whether malware has hit your smartphone,” Borovikova noted.

In order to prevent excess traffic consumption, it is worth putting a restriction on its use. This can be done in the settings of any modern phone, the expert added.

Antivirus programs on smartphones also have difficulty working without the Internet, she said. Therefore, in case of detecting suspicious activity, you need to turn off the phone, remove the SIM card or check an already “empty” device for viruses by connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

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