Intel introduced 10nm Xeony Ice Lake: 40 × CPU, 20% higher IPC

On the market heading for the new Xeons. It builds on the Ice Lake CPU generation and 10nm production at Intel’s factories, offering up to 40 CPU cores (compared to the previous 28 CPUs), while a 20% increase in IPC means an overall 46% increase in overall performance of the new Xeons. Growth is even higher in AI tasks.

Systems with Xeony Ice Lake, in addition to the above, will also offer the same AVX-512 (plus other key instructions), but also faster DDR4-3200, PCI Express 4.0 support (compared to 3.0) on 64 lines (compared to 48). Although Intel still has not solved the problems with 10nm production and scalability of its architectures, the distance compared to up to 64-core AMD EPYC processors is thus significantly reduced.

I wish Intel’s next HEDT platform would soon be based on something like this.

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