Intel Core i3-10100F, the secret weapon to fight AMD at the low end?

Without big announcements, Intel added to their site ARK, which lists the technical characteristics of the various processors of the Santa Clara company, one new CPU part of the 10th generation of Core processors and based on Comet Lake. Intel Core i3-10100F will go to fight at the low end of the market.

The new Intel processor is designed to clash directly with the nowhere to be found AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, what until now was considered the champion of the low price range. Intel Core i3-10100F is a CPU produced with the a 14nm and has 4 core e 8 thread, count that brings her even with the direct opponent. The basic operating frequency is 3,6GHz, slightly lower than its rival, but in boost it recovers the gap with one frequency of 4.3GHz. Both CPUs have a TDP di 65W.

As indicated by the suffix “F” the Intel CPU does not have integrated graphics, however targeting gamers (even if with a low budget) shouldn’t be a problem as they will certainly want to rely on a dedicated GPU.

Reading the specs it’s easy to understand what this CPU is made specifically to counter AMD in the lower market segment, a segment where Team Red had taken the lead in recent months. According to Intel the Core i3-10100F should arrive on the market ad a price between 79 and 97 dollars, even if no indications have been provided regarding the actual availability from retailers.

Given the low availability of the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, if the company were to manage to match or exceed the performance of this CPU in gaming, Intel may have one of the strongest products in this price category on its hands, removing the scepter of the best low-cost gaming processor from its rival. This is only true by assuming that Intel can bring enough CPU to market. which is not exactly obvious.

Do you need the Integrated GPU? Intel Core i3-10100 is the CPU for you and it is available on Amazon at a reduced price.

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