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Intel Comet Lake: Economical LPDDR4X memory will be supported later

Intel has released the in autumn 2019 Comet Lake U and the memory support of the six-core 14 nm ultrabook processors: Originally, in addition to DDR4-2666 and LPDDR3-2133, more economical LPDDR4X-2933 were announced, but so far there are no corresponding CPUs. To Anandtech Intel said now that LPDDR4X requires a revised revision. Only the K1 stepping, which follows the B0, will support the more efficient memory.

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Devices with Comet Lake U and LPDDR4X-2933 should appear soon because the new revision is already in production. Intel also provided additional information Ice Lake Yis the name of the two- and four-core ultrabook processors with 9 to 12 watts. So far, devices with these chips are still missing, but according to Intel, CPUs such as the Core i7-1060G7 should also be available in stores in the first half of 2020.

Intel also made a statement on the Core i7-1068G7: This is the name of the 28-watt top model of the Ice Lake U, which works with a base clock of 2.3 GHz and a boost of 4.1 GHz. Although partners can set the regular Ice Lake U with 15 watts to 25 watts, the Core i7-1068G7 should still have advantages due to the better selection (binning). Intel said the chip will be available to OEMs in the first quarter of 2019, and mass production has already started.

Because the six-core Comet Lake U with LPDDR4X will be available later than expected, AMD may have good market opportunities Renoir aka Ryzen Mobile 4000: that’s the name of the 15-watt APUs, which have up to eight CPU cores and also support LPDDR4X memory. The integrated graphics unit beats the iGPU from Comet Lake without any problems and should easily overtake the Iris Plus Graphics (64 EUs) from Ice Lake U.

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coresclockturboL3 cacheiGPUStorageTDP
Core i7-10710U6 + SMT1.1 GHz4.7 GHz12 MBUHD Graphics (24 EUs) @ 1.15 GHzLPDDR4X-293315-25 watts
Core i7-10510U4 + SMT1.8 GHz4.9 GHz8 MBUHD Graphics (24 EUs) @ 1.15 GHzLPDDR4X-293315-25 watts
Core i5-10210U4 + SMT1.6 GHz4.2 GHz6 MBUHD Graphics (24 EUs) @ 1.10 GHzLPDDR4X-293315-25 watts
Core i3-10110U2 + SMT2.1 GHz4.1 GHz4 MBUHD Graphics (23 EUs) @ 1.00 GHzLPDDR4X-293315-25 watts

Specifications of Comet Lake U

coresclockturboL3 cacheiGPUStorageTDP
Core i7-1060 G74 + SMT1.0 GHz3.8 GHz8 MBIris Plus Graphics (64 EUs) @ 1.1 GHzLPDDR4X-37339-12 watts
Core i5-1030 G74 + SMT0.8 GHz3.5 GHz6 MBIris Plus Graphics (64 EUs) @ 1.05 GHzLPDDR4X-37339-12 watts
Core i5-1030 G44 + SMT0.7 GHz3.5 GHz6 MBIris Plus Graphics (48 EUs) @ 1.05 GHzLPDDR4X-37339-12 watts
Core i3-1000 G42 + SMT1.1 GHz3.2 GHz6 MBIris Plus Graphics (48 EUs) @ 0.9 GHzLPDDR4X-37339-12 watts
Core i3-1000 G12 + SMT1.1 GHz3.2 GHz6 MBUHD Graphics (32 EUs) @ 0.9 GHzLPDDR4X-37339-12 watts

Specifications of Ice Lake Y


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