installing iOS or macOS developer betas without being one will no longer be possible

All Apple fans, and especially the most curious ones, are always used to looking for a way to test the betas for developers without being a fan of the new operating systems that Apple presents after a WWDC. Until now, there were numerous websites that hosted safe and verified profiles to be able to have the beta of any operating system. But this has ended up disappearing “because” of the hand of Apple.

One of the most famous websites on this subject is Beta Profiles. Undoubtedly a benchmark within the beta profiles for Apple devices thanks to the facilities it offered by having a simple website accessible to anyone. In addition, it offered security, which is vital when downloading this type of file, which in the end will have good control of the device.

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Beta Profiles is fired by threats from Apple

But while it was really convenient to have websites like Beta Profiles available, Apple doesn’t like it at all. In the end, those of us who use these methods are skipping the limitations that Apple imposes with respect to developer betas, which are intended for this group of users who pay their fee year after year in order to have access to all the tools.


That is why from one day to the next, the Beta Profiles website has completely disappeared from the network and it is impossible to connect to it. If we turn to Twitter, in his official account the creator details that she has been forced to close to avoid entering into a legal battle with Apple. This suggests that Apple clearly wanted to bring down all the websites that offered this type of profile, Beta Profiles being one of them, although there are many others currently available on the web.

It is certainly a very bad news for all fans of pages like this. In the responses to the tweet we commented on, it has become clear that many people have been using the web since its first day of creation. Likewise, all the profiles that have been downloaded for iOS 16 or macOS Ventura can continue to be used without any problem. It is important to remove them from the device until they are officially released.

For future betas, the most curious of Apple are going to have to be really patient. It is possible that new “underground” websites will appear that offer this type of profile. But if not, you should always wait for public betas that always lag behind developer betas.

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