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– The fresh “crime scene” only comes on Whit Monday. Anyone who appreciates new detective stories on Sundays has to stay up late. The reward is a thriller with blood, fun and suspense. In Holland they just know how to do it.

In the middle of a desolate wind farm near Amsterdam, an attractive lawyer has been horribly murdered. Someone has set up a large cross on the huge meadow area and tied her to it. Rat poison killed the woman.

A large X was carved on her stomach with a knife. Apparently no one noticed the lawyer’s death for days. Clients were calling her cell phone in droves – her husband not once.

The first few moments of the new thriller in the ARD series “Kommissar van der Valk” seem pretty dreary and dark. And even later, brutality is not spared. Nevertheless, humor and suspense run through the 90-minute film, and you can learn a lot about Dutch history. For Sunday thriller fans, the film on June 5th at 9.45 p.m. is the only new feature of the evening. Pentecost is to blame. The Munich “crime scene” at 8:15 p.m. is a repeat of 2019, the next first broadcast is the Dresden “crime scene” on Whit Monday.

Back to “Inspector van der Valk”. The crime series is little known in Germany, but has a long tradition. The character was allowed to solve cases on British television from 1972 to 1977 and in the early 1990s. The new edition is also filmed in the Netherlands, but it is a British production and has English actors throughout.

Marc Warren aka Piet Van der Valk is more familiar to British viewers as a shady guy who played villains from Count Dracula to the Highlander’s opponent in TV formats on the island. Correspondingly opaque and brittle, Warren mimics the title hero.

plague, flood, fire

Van der Valk, who first investigated on German television almost exactly two years ago, is now experiencing his fourth adventure “Hunted in Amsterdam”. He first stumbles into a one-night stand and then into a tricky serial killer case.

It quickly becomes clear: the killer has a soft spot for classical education and Amsterdam legends. The three plagues of plague, flood and fire play a central role in the crimes. But what has the artists’ colony to do with the case, which was sued by the first victim and was supposed to move to a property that is hazardous to health? And does the opaque woman dating clumsy police Casanova Brad de Vries (Luke Allen-Gale) matter?

Like all new installments in the “Inspector Van der Valk” series, the episode is based on motifs from the original series in the 1970s. The next, fifth case is called “Blood in Amsterdam” and will start on Monday.

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