Inspector General Teddy Minahasa checks the sales of 5 kg of Shabu evidence

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The director of drugs and drugs at the Jaya Metro Police, Kombes Mukti Juharsa, said that the inspector general Teddy Minahasa become a sales controller drugs weighing five kilograms.

This was revealed by the results of the development of the case which drew a number of other active police officers besides Teddy.

“The involvement of West Sumatran Police Inspector General TM as a controller of five kilos of crystalline methamphetamine from West Sumatra,” Mukti told Central Jakarta police on Friday (14/10)


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Mukti explained that the evidence obtained in the development of the case weighed 3.3 kilograms, while 1.7 kilograms had been successfully sold.

“1.7 kilograms were sold and circulated in Kampung Bahari as well,” he explained.

Earlier, National Police Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo revealed Inspector General Teddy Minahasa’s alleged involvement in illicit drug trafficking. Teddy is suspected of selling drugs related to the case to the Bukittinggi police.

This alleged drug abuse case is a development of the case run by Polda Metro Jaya.

Some members of civil society and members of the national police with the rank of Bripka, Kompol and AKBP were also involved, one of whom was the former police chief of Bukittinggi.

Listyo also asked the Head of the National Police’s Professional and Security Division, Inspector General Syahardiantono, to work out Teddy’s ethics immediately. Listyo stressed that the greatest threat Teddy will receive is the dishonorable dismissal (PTDH).

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“Yesterday I asked the Propam Division Chief to collect and conduct an examination of the Inspector General of TM. This morning the title was held and currently the Inspector General of TM is declared a suspect offender and a special assignment has been conferred.” called Listio.

Teddy Minahasa previously served as West Sumatran Police Chief from August 25, 2021. He was subsequently appointed Kapolda of East Java to replace Inspector General Nico Afinta.

Teddy’s appointment was based on police chief telegram letter number: ST / 2134 IX / KEP / 2022 dated October 10, 2022, signed by United States Police Human Resources Inspector General Wahyu Widada.

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