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▲ Vaccinate the flu shot annually. (Photo provided / Yu Yirui)

Text / Yu Yirui


▲ Flu vaccine available in Taiwan in 2022

October is the period of the flu shot; the flu virus sheds every year, so it is recommended that you get a flu shot every year.

The non-cold flu vaccine has no protective effect against the cold

Simultaneously with the vaccination, patients often ask different types of questions, such as: “Can you catch a cold after getting the flu shot?” At present, there is no relevant research to show that the flu shot can cause colds. Colds are not protective.

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“What brands of flu vaccines are available?” Currently, the three publicly funded pharmaceutical companies collaborate with Sanofi, Guoguang and Toyo. At their own expense, there is a pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline to choose from, all quadrivalent against the flu. Vaccines provide some degree of protection against the flu.

Publicly funded flu vaccines cannot choose brands

The recommended age range for vaccination, except Guoguang provides vaccination over the age of 3, the other three can be vaccinated in 6 months. The part that reminds the public in particular is that the publicly funded flu vaccine brand cannot be selected, depending on which publicly funded vaccines are currently available in the institution; if you want to choose your own, you need to pay for it.

It can be administered in several parts at the same time as the new corona vaccine

“What vaccines can be given with the flu shot?” “Can it be administered with the COVID-19 vaccine?” they are also frequently asked questions by many patients. Since the flu vaccine is not a live attenuated vaccine, it can be vaccinated alongside other vaccines in different parts.

It is recommended that groups eligible for publicly funded influenza vaccination be vaccinated as soon as possible once a year; the priority groups for vaccination are: high-risk groups such as those over 65, diabetes, obesity and liver, kidney, heart and lung disease. Additionally, in addition to using flu vaccines to strengthen protection from flu, this group also recommends discussing with your doctor which vaccines are suitable for simultaneous vaccination based on your health condition, such as: Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine , herpes zoster vaccine, hepatitis vaccine, etc. .

If the public does not meet the qualifications for publicly funded slaughter, they may also consider slaughtering at their own expense. Previous vaccinations to strengthen immunity are better than subsequent scrupulous treatments.

(The author is the director of the Community Medicine Department of Yuanrong Hospital and a slimming doctor)

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