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As we reported, one of the BL victories favorites Bayern Munich is another extremely smooth home in Barcelona, ​​which lost its Lionel Mess, was decimated from injuries and was thoroughly rejuvenated. It was a success of 3-0 on the opening of the BL group circle.

World championship masterpieces

The player, who acts as a prototype for withdrawn attackers, is an incomprehensibly underrated figure in football, though if we look at his career, we find few things we might feel lacking about.

He still won “only” bronze medals with the German national team at the 2010 World Cup, but the South African tournament brought him a real breakthrough, as he was the top scorer (ahead of rivals in the competition for gold shoes thanks to his five assists with five hits) and the battle. he became his best young player.

Four years later, the same indicator was enough for the silver shoe as well as the silver ball in Brazil, but the nationalelf had already won a gold medal by this time. This year he finished fifth in the year-end Golden Ball vote, the best result ever since.

He didn’t do well for the 2018 tournament either, the German national team took off, as he did in the ensuing League of Nations group stage, and he got out of the frame, where he only returned just before the European Championships postponed to this year.

Against England, the tie was in his leg in the eighth final, but he couldn’t live up to the away team’s biggest squat, and the “three-lion” that eventually marched to the final won 2-0.

Perhaps this alone may be the only sense of lack of a player who has been successful 39 times in 106 national team matches, reaching the semi-finals “only” at the European Championships in 2012 and 2016 – interestingly, just as the English, the Italians and the French lost. the finale!

He has already won everything with Bayern, he is the most successful German footballer

At the time of his World Championship title, he was already a Champions League and European Super Cup winner, as well as a world club champion, making his debut on Bayern Munich’s adult team less than a month before his 19th birthday on 15 August 2008.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

So far, Bayern have played in a total of 588 stakes in Munich, with 217 goals and 220 assists, and with the 30 trophies they have won, he is the most successful German footballer, ahead of Bastian Schweinsteiger (26).

With 21 assists awarded in one season, he is a co-leader in the history of the top leagues alongside Kevin De Bruyne and Lionel Messi.

The horror of Barcelona

But not only can he excel in preparation, but also in front of the goal, just ask the Barcelona footballers about it …

Müller has played against the Catalans six times so far, and so far only once, he has not been successful in the away match of the 2014-2015 competition.

There was a price to say, a 3-0 defeat was the only match the Bavarian club lost, and although it won 3–2 in the rematch, it did not make it to the finals. Where two years earlier, the Catalans had been marched back and forth (4–0, 3–0, Müller three goals, one assists), as in 2020, when TV viewers saw a long-unforgettable quarter-final in the eighth final: the Munichers They knocked out Barcelona for 8-2.

In these six games, Bayern had a goal difference of 21-7 against Barca.

Müller a Barcelona ellen

season platoon host guest result goal gp
2012–2013 semi-final Bayern Barcelona 4–0 2 1
2012–2013 semi-final Barcelona Bayern 0–3 1
2014–2015 semi-final Barcelona Bayern 3–0
2014–2015 semi-final Bayern Barcelona 3–2 1
2019–2020 quarterfinals * Barcelona Bayern 2–8 2 1
2021–2022 group match Barcelona Bayern 0–3 1
2021–2022 group match Bayern Barcelona ?
* The 2020 endgame was held in a neutral venue in the Lisbon Quarantine

A bracketed note, both of these three seasons ultimately won the Champions League who won this duel. This could be a good omen for Munichers …

Müller has scored seven goals (and two assists) against Barcelona with his goal in Tuesday in six games, making him the most successful player of all time on the international stage against the Catalans.

Most goals against Barcelona in BL history

  • 7 – Thomas Müller (6 matches)
  • 5 – Andriy Shevchenko (11)
  • 4 – Juninho Pernambucano (5)
  • 4 – Kylian Mbappé (2)

The amazing (goal) series by Bayern and Lewandowski is further written

Bayern found their way to the goal in the 78th betting match of the series, since the closures due to the coronavirus outbreak were lifted, there has never been an example of Munichers not finding it! By the way, the world record is held by River Plate with 96 such matches – even from the period between 1936 and 1939 …

Robert Lewandowski was also a member of the winning team in the BL for the 17th time in a row (he was unable to play in the duel against the PSG the previous season due to injury), setting Manuel Neuer’s BL record. The Polish striker scored 22 goals in these performances anyway!

It’s hardly surprising that it’s also a new club record that Bayern have now been successful in 23 consecutive BL games.

Another little Lewandowski: the Polish striker has scored in his club in the last 18 matches, he has never been unable to score since February – and greeted a total of 29 times!

Anyway, the match on February 11 was the club-World Cup final against the Tigres anyway, in which he “only” scored a goal in the action won by 1-0.

Barcelona, ​​which did not reach a single shot during the match, is at home in unprecedented depths, as they lost their last three BL matches at Camp Nou with a 10-1 difference (–Juventus 0–3, –PSG 1–4, Bayern 0–3).

(Cover image: Sven Hoppe / picture alliance via Getty Images)



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