Including Rare, These Are The Causes and Symptoms of Tongue Cancer, Do not Use Braces Carelessly

Editor: Widi Wahyuning Tyas – There are many types of cancer that can attack humans.

One of them is tongue cancer.

Tongue cancer is one type of oral cancer.

This cancer occurs due to uncontrolled growth of cells on the tongue.

Tongue cancer can cause tumors or sores that won’t heal.

Type tongue cancer the most common are malignant tumors in squamous cells.

The squamous cells themselves are thin and flat cells that are on the surface of the skin and tongue.

These cells are in the digestive tract, respiratory tract, lining of the mouth, throat, thyroid, and larynx.

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Types of tongue cancer

Launching Kompas from Web MD, based on the location of its distribution, there are two types tongue cancer.

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