In the video, the iPhone dazzles the users, a new foldable phone and a date to be launched on the market

Many recent leaks have been revealed that came through Apple, that it is working on introducing the new iPhone, which has a folding clamshell design, and also that it is a giant in American technology, as they are planning to launch the new phone in the near future.

A new foldable iPhone phone, specifications and a date to be launched in the market

One of the websites confirmed that Apple is currently testing a new phone with a new design from its iPhones, as it will come with a wonderful clamshell design and can be folded and resembles the famous Samsung phone.

The leaks confirmed that the mysterious schedule came to launch the first foldable phone from Apple, which is supposed to be presented during 2022 or 2023, which is very consistent with past leaks, which confirmed that Apple will present its first foldable phone in the month of September 2022.

This is in addition to the fact that the company provides for the first time a foldable phone that comes with 5G technology, and the leak has revealed that it is one of the phones that are distinctive, and it will test the clamshell structure of the iPhone, which is distinctive, and this is through the YouTube browser that the new phone will support a screen with OLED technology Which appears in the form of a large screen such as IVOM 12 when opened, and will be smaller in the outer cover of the device.

The owner of the famous iPhone phones is currently testing in terms of the durability of the hinge in the foldable phone, and this is because it is one of the most important parts that exist in the phone and it is such a class of devices, and it will be presented from 2022 to 2023.

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