“In the street the theater is more open, more expressive, and cool things happen”


Gemma Viguera, Fernando Moreno and Elena Aranoa before representing ‘Globe Story’. / JUAN MARÍN


Graduated in Interpretation at the School of Dramatic Art in Valladolid, the 43-year-old actress from Logroño Gemma Viguera stars alongside Fernando Moreno in the play ‘Globe Story’ by the El Perro Azul company, which was performed yesterday in the Chiribitas de Logroño within the San Mateo festival program. In summer Gemma Viguera has played numerous roles in theatrical routes of Navarrete, Cenicero and San Millán de la Cogolla with Sapo Producciones, in addition to working on ‘La propagandista’.

– How many characters have you played this summer alone?

– I have had seven different functions. Each dramatized route, such as those of Cenicero, Navarrete and San Millán, has several each, so … about eight.

– And the most disparate, right?

– I have played María de la O Lejárraga, the daughter of the Count of Hervías and even an abbot in the monastery of Suso … those are the historical figures.

– Where have you taken the play ‘Globe Story’?

– This summer we have been to a little festival in Torreperojil, in Jaén, in France, Anguiano, Canales … This work has been in a million places. In October we are going to tour France, around Paris.

– Is it the first time that the public Administration contracts this work in Logroño?

– I do not know. I think we already did it at San Bernabé. In many towns we have done it. It’s been many years now.

– Why do you think the public likes this work?

– It is the gestural language, which reaches everyone because there is no language and it has no age. So it likes adults and children. And it talks about very everyday problems, such as the love of a partner, for which anyone can feel empathy. It is very easy for the public and it is very successful because it is very witty. It also has several elements that are the perfect seasoning: humor, poetry, tenderness. And the way of counting is surprising.

– Do they perform it more times on the street or in theaters?

– I can’t say … because we’ve done it a lot. In Avignon we spent a whole month indoors, so that’s why I think the theater wins.

– Does the work change whether it is indoors or outdoors?

– The feeling is different. In theater the public is more focused and so are we. And in the street it is more open, more expressive and cool things happen, like the bells ringing just in a moment and that is taken advantage of.

– Is it an ageless work?

– Older people especially love it, it surprises them because they think they won’t find out about anything. We are a bit ‘clowns’ and that is why children also like us. And parents feel identified by the love story.



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