In one day, Rashkov and Manolova saw a 600-meter collapse of Hemus. It turned out to be 60 m

Several institutions visited the problematic section of Hemus on Saturday.

It seemed to be a defective embankment, but the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will check

Experts have already inspected the problem area to give a quick opinion on what needs to be done

On the same day, November 5, first Deputy Prime Minister Boyko Rashkov and then MP candidate Maya Manolova saw a 600-meter collapse on a newly built section of the Hemus highway.

According to the contractor, there is no landslide or landslide, but it is a defective embankment.

According to the contractor, there is no landslide or landslide, but it is a defective embankment.

First, Rashkov announced that “600 meters from the currently under construction section of the Hemus highway between the road junctions” Buhovtsi “and” Belokopitovo “collapsed today” (on Friday – ed). A few hours later, Manolova posted the same information on Facebook. He also released a document from the Ministry of Interior, which, however, turned out that the problematic section was 60 meters long, not 600.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Interior announced that they had inspected the problem area with experts from the Regional Road Administration and RDNSK. According to the police chief in Targovishte, senior commissioner Marian Mihailov, the section that collapsed was prepared for commissioning and was already covered with asphalt, markings and guardrails. According to him, the goal is to complete the inspection as soon as possible and to announce the results.

On Saturday and again on Facebook, the former regional deputy minister Nikolay Nankov joined in, summarizing the allegations of all institutions and construction companies, which refute Boyko Rashkov and Maya Manolova.

Nankov lists:

“Highways – Black Sea”: There is no collapse of Hemus. Additional drainage measures are being taken;

RIA for the Mediapool site: There is no collapse of the highway.

On the section under construction between Buhovtsi and Belokopitovo, deformations were found in the embankment in the area of ​​the 318th km after the bridge structure near the village of Cherencha.

The head of the Regional Road Administration in Targovishte told BTA: Work is underway to eliminate the defect on the construction of “Hemus” near the village of Cherencha in Shumen.

And the “fresh” news of the caretaker interior minister is not so fresh – the repair works have been carried out for about a month, not from yesterday.

And something else – the section near Shumen is not being built with in-house assignment from Avtomagistrali EAD, and after a public procurement. The contractor is a consortium of several private companies, including Motorways – Black Sea.

The consortium contractor of the section clarified that the terrain is currently being strengthened. “After an open imperfection at the base of the embankment, it is currently being removed,” explained the site’s manager, Asen Todorov. There was no landslide or landslide, but additional drainage measures were taken. They were necessary because atypical subsidence was found in the embankment, which was built a year and a half ago. “We decided that it was better to take additional drainage measures so that this could not subsequently compromise the commissioned highway,” said the contractor. This was done entirely at the expense of the company, and the activities will last about 20 days.



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