In Italy, the death toll from coronavirus exceeded 100 people :: Society :: RBC

The death toll from coronavirus COVID-2019 in Italy reached 107 people, another 2,706 people became infected with this disease. This was announced by the head of the Department of Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli, transmits news agency ANSA.

Thus, the number of deaths from COVID-2019 per day increased by 28, and those infected – by 443.

According to Borrelli, the number of infected has increased by 72.5%, which is the largest indicator in the last few days.

Closed because of the coronavirus “red zone” in Italy. Photoreport

Italy ranks first among European countries in the number of coronavirus infections. Cases of infection were detected in almost all regions of Italy, but Lombardy and Veneto are still considered the epicenters, where outbreaks were recorded on February 21.

Italian authorities on the eve allowed the closure of all schools and universities in the country in order to prevent the disease. In addition, the Italian government provided an open emergency plan to control the spread of the disease. It also provides for restrictions on all public events, visits to cinema and theaters. At the same time, events where people people gather in one place with a distance of less than a meter between each other are called unsafe.


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