In Dijon, the CHU ready to face a third wave of COVID-19

While the third confinement and its restrictive measures have entered into force for the French, the Dijon-Bourgogne University Hospital is also preparing for the arrival of a third wave of COVID. The number of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 is increasing, explains Nadiège Baille, the general manager. “This Tuesday 110 patients are hospitalized for COVID reasons including 30 in intensive care. Seven days earlier, they were 65 so yes it is progressing.”

Nadiège Baille, Director General of Dijon-Bourgogne University Hospital, surrounded from left to right by anesthetists-resuscitators, Pierre Guillemet and Sébastien Mirek, during a press point on April 7, 2021. © Radio France
Stéphanie Perenon

Permanent adjustments

On the material level, this therefore requirese s’adapter and permanence and “to make adjustments as close as possible to needs” continues Nadiège Baille, but the general manager of the health establishment says so, “Yes, the hospital is ready! We unfortunately have the experience and we saw during the second wave, that we could have more Covid and non-Covid patients, than during the first wave and we therefore have the capacity to ‘deal.”

A bed in an intensive care unit at Dijon-Bourgogne CHU, for patients with a severe form of Covid-19.
A bed in an intensive care unit at Dijon-Bourgogne CHU, for patients with a severe form of Covid-19. © Radio France
Stéphanie Perenon

So this translates into additional medicine beds thanks to the partnership with the equipment of the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire (GHT) which never stopped but also with private establishments health, explains Nadiège Baille.

Tired but still engaged staff

As in the previous wave, the maximum capacity of one hundred resuscitation beds will be possible if needed. Staff side, “there is a lot of fatigue among the staff, and a kind of lassitude”, recognizes Doctor Pierre Guillemet, anesthesiologist and resuscitator in charge of crisis management for the CHU. But the professional is convinced, “that the teams are always ready to lead this fight”, and that’s why, “We do everything to maintain their holidays, so that they breathe and can come back.”

Fewer postponed surgeries

Another change, the CHU has managed to reduce “20% deprogramming of surgical interventions” indicates Dr Pierre Guillemet, in charge of crisis management in the Dijon establishment. “It was 60% during the first confinement and 40% during the second confinement, and we see that people continue to come for treatment and that is essential.”

In the corridors of the Dijon-Bourgogne University Hospital, this April 7, 2021.
In the corridors of the Dijon-Bourgogne University Hospital, this April 7, 2021. © Radio France
Stéphanie Perenon

Vaccination delays the influx of patients

What will help the Dijon-Bourgogne University Hospital to cope with this third wave is also a significant vaccination rate in our department of 14%. And if it is still far from collective immunity, it is already a lot, underlines Nadiège Baille, “We note that this postpones the arrival of patients a little compared to what is happening in other highly affected regions” underlines the director of the CHU. “Because that means less serious forms in intensive care units”, points out Dr Sébastien Mirek, anesthetist-resuscitator at Dijon-Bourgogne CHU. A health establishment that can be proud of a high vaccination rate for its employees, “today 61% of staff are vaccinated”, concludes, confident the director general of Dijon-Bourgogne CHU.

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