in court told about the popularity of Fortnite on iOS – Gambling addiction


Preparations for hearings on the company’s claim continue Epic Games to Apple… The court session, recall, is scheduled for May 3, 2021. Until then, analyst Daniel Ahmad published excerpts from court records.

Judging by the given data, Fortnite really enjoyed huge popularity on iOS before Apple removed the game from the store. The number of players reached 116 million, while 73 million played only on iOS, not using other versions.

The number of active players on iOS per day was 2.5 million. At the same time, on all platforms, this figure is on average 25 million. iOS players have spent over 2.86 billion hours playing the game and spent far more money than Android users.

Hearing on Apple Monopoly Charges Consistent with recent report the Senate Commission on the Pernicious Influence of the Big Four. Celebratethat its result could affect the publication of games on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. After all, the financial conditions are approximately the same in all these cases.

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