imminent return to “near normal” activity in the hospital targeted by a cyber attack

Victim of a cyber attack in late August that paralyzed part of its computer system, the hospital center in Corbeil-Essonnes announced on Tuesday that it was preparingresume normal activity“by the end of the month.

By October 31stIt is necessary to restore 80% of the IT solutions necessary for the functioning of hospital services“, Exulted in a press release addressed to AFP the management of the Hospital Center of Southern Ile-de-France (CHSF), which provides health coverage to nearly 700,000 inhabitants of the suburbs of Greater Paris. Since November,the CHSF will be able to exercise (…) the level of activity it provides in its healthcare territory“, this is “nearly 6,000 hospital admissions per month“.

Drop in hiring

However, its business may still suffer from some disruptions due to the final rebuild of IT services, management said. Currently, the hospitalization capacity is ensured at 86% of its normal functioning, the first aid service at 73%, pediatric emergencies at 96% and those of obstetric gynecology at 90%.

Acute cardiological care remained assured and that of strokes (cerebrovascular accidents) resumed on 10 October, the hospital said. “A significant impact of this cyber attack is the decline in hiring and withdrawal of applications (non-medical personnel)“, He regretted his direction. Complete restoration of IT systems for archiving, medical imaging, pharmacy inventory management, and enterprise software should enable staff to no longer work in degraded mode.

Some of them had told AFP in September about their work at the “Bic style” And “in front of black screens“, Crumbling under the paper folders with the”fear“Mistakes. The establishment was hit on August 21 by a cyberattack with a $ 10 million ransom note, which was then reduced to one or two million dollars, according to sources.

An investigation had been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office and entrusted to the gendarmes of the Center for the fight against digital crime (C3N). The hackers had set an ultimatum for September 23 for the hospital to pay the ransom. After that time, they had released a series of data on the “dark net“.

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