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On closer inspection, the acquisition of three Virginia submarines by Australia remains an intention that remains dependent on an unlikely agreement by the United States Congress. The heart of the Aukus project is the construction of a nuclear-powered submarine which, in the early 2040s (not before), should combine the technology and design of American and British submarines with American technology. Once again, a wish and a program whose major risks have still not been assessed. In this adventure, there could be only one winner, the United States. They will be able to count in all circumstances on a disciplined ally who, from 2027, will have a naval base which will open the Indian Ocean wide to their submarines.


The Western press unanimously echoed the declarations of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announcing “At the beginning of the next decade, Australia will take delivery of three American Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarines. ” A message triumphant that we do not find in the joint declaration of the American, British and Australian heads of state: the Virginia submarines appear only in the background and in the conditional the main announcement – the construction by the Kingdom United States, United States and Australia, in close cooperation, nuclear-powered submarines SSN-Aukus expected in the early 2040s. What about the truth. […]

Excerpt from the confidential letter Asie21-Futuribles n° 170/2023-03

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