“If you always lose 1-0 it means that something is not right, difficult to comment on these defeats”

At the end of the race Rome-Turin, spoke the grenade technician Ivan Juric.

Ivan Juric a DAZN

It is the fourth 1-0 suffered away from home.

“We have to ask a few questions, but the team did a lot and did not realize what they created. We held up Zaniolo, Abraham who are fast people, but we wasted some chances where we could have taken the lead. If you always lose 1-0 it means that something is not right, difficult to comment on these defeats “.

Why do you hardly concretize?

“I found a very serious situation, to grow you need improvements on many things, you need more knowledge. Torino is a team that attacks and puts you in difficulty, a few points are missing. We pay for some situations, but you have to have an open mind and understand where you want to go, I think we will get there. We need to have a good championship and a good base to grow more ”.

How sorry are you?

“We are sorry, we cannot have satisfaction in this type of matches because we cannot win games in which you do everything well. We played with this personality but we didn’t score any points at home. Let’s prepare the next one “.


“I think he’s got a bad stretch, he’s going to be out for a while. That was the dynamics, we await the resonance ”.

Do you need some external?

“There are matches like today’s where we lack this, Ansaldi has unique characteristics for our team, now there is a base and we have to move well to improve this aspect. With limited spaces, our fifths do not do as well as when there is space “.

Ivan Juric at the press conference

Juric a nice balanced game. Was there a lack of brilliance in the attacking phase of Torino?

“My regret was the first half hour that we dominated and we weren’t able to score with 3 scoring. When you play a game that you dominate, you need the last right pass, the right shot and this is missed.”

Belotti conditions?

“It looks like a stretch. We’ll see tomorrow.”

Can we see a change even today, am I referring to the personality of the team?

“I think we have changed, I know what I have found, and we have changed games, ideas, then when you lose like this it is not enough for me. I know the road is long, I know there are many things to fix, then after a while it turns you around . If we had scored 2 goals in the first half hour then we would have seen something else. This bothers me. ”


“He felt discomfort in his adductor. Now let’s see, we have 6 games one after the other. Good morning, he had a knee problem. We will have to put a lot of character in the next games.”

The wingmen perform at their best, but those who have to turn on the light struggle.

“I think this happened with the big teams. I know the Gallo he’s been out for a long time, Praet the same. There are things you think about on the market. Brekalo is not discontinuous, he has already scored 3 goals. With the big teams, something is missing in that department. “

Did Torino come to play the Roma game?

“I think if the first half hour ends 2-0, then we’ll talk about it. They never went through midfield. Then when you win you say that you went well and all the analyzes are fine. So it’s fine, if this was so it’s fine. I saw Rome against Genoa and the other (Zorya, ed) and I liked my team. Then if you lose, stay silent and go. “


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