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There was still no time to put Christof Kreutzer’s name on the sign in front of the Schwenningen sports manager’s office in the Helios arena. In the room next to the player parking lots, the 53-year-old always has an eye on the previous DEL opponents – from Augsburg to Wolfsburg. The laptop is opened, the phone rings regularly. A Wild Wings player keeps knocking, has a question. Kreutzer took a good hour to complete our sentence beginnings. From A to Z. A like taking office The best thing about May 1st was “that I officially started in Schwenningen. But I had already done a lot for the Wild Wings before. And the weather was good at that time.” B for Bad Nauheim The two years in Bad Nauheim were “very instructive for me, you learn a lot at every age. For me it was important to see how the DEL2 works.” C for Corona pandemic The virus is a real danger for German ice hockey “because it is about our existence. Every ice hockey club is struggling to survive. But of course we are not alone at the moment, the virus has shaken the whole world. Our generation has never seen anything like it, but I think we have noticed in Germany that we are well positioned. In my opinion, the lockdown was necessary. It is now about reconstruction. Everyone has to pull together. We too Sports are required to take measures so that we can survive as an industry. ” D for Düsseldorf The Düsseldorfer EG means “a lot to me. DEG is my home club. It will always be that. My wife and I feel very comfortable here in Villingen-Schwenningen, especially the landscape. We like it. And clear is that because of my past with the Schwenninger Wild Wings I want to get three points in every game against DEG. ” E for food When “I go to a restaurant, Wiener Schnitzel should be on the menu. But there are not many things that I don’t like. Together with my wife, I decided to get to know Swabian and Baden cuisine better . So Maultaschen, spaetzle and Co. ” F for Freiburg The Wolves (DEL2) are the perfect cooperation partner of the Wild Wings because “the spatial proximity is given. We are flexible in terms of player exchange or training measures. Freiburg also has a coach with Peter Russell who also uses young players and This is also crucial for me. ” G for salary waiver It is justified that the DEL clubs only get a license if the players forego 25 percent of the salary for the time being, “because everyone involved has to do their part if we want to survive. It is of no use to any club if only four or five teams can do it. Of course it depends on the form. If I ask around in business, it is said that our way is very fair. Others don’t have the chance to get back to 100 percent of the salary at the end of the year The league was trying to find a fair solution. Of course, nobody wants to give up money, but I would have liked employers and employees to make a quicker decision and not to make everything so broad. This would have helped everyone A founding member of the player union at the time, but now is not the time to talk about a new union, and things could break apart at the moment en. The players should consider this for the future. If there is a foundation later, then the players should line up well. It is now a question of everyone doing their part to ensure that the league and ice hockey remain. “H for Helios Arena The Schwenningen ice rink will become a fortress in the new season,” because the new arena will be gigantic. I get goose bumps every time I come into the hall. It becomes incredible when the spectators can practically see the games from the plexiglass window. We are then the only club in Germany that has two ice rinks with the smaller NHL ice rink. It will be really fun. I’m looking forward to the completion like a small child. “I like Instagram and Co. Social media are becoming increasingly important for a professional ice hockey club like Wild Wings,” because it’s just a matter of time. This is being used more and more, especially by the younger generations. You have to be well positioned there. I think we are on the right track there too. “J for young players The Wild Wings will continue to count on many young players in the future,” because I am a big friend of giving German talents a chance. Of course we have to find and get good German players – preferably from our own youth. Fortunately, we already have some. We must continue on this path. Overall, however, it’s about the right mix. We want to be successful. That’s what it’s all about. “K for Krefeld A trip to my hometown Krefeld is worthwhile,” because ice hockey is also fun in Krefeld. For me, Krefeld was always one of the worst opponents. And that is still the case. “L for Petri Liimatainen The successor to the previous assistant coach” is also largely determined by head coach Niklas Sundblad. He is his number one confidant. Of course, we are in the process of finding a new assistant coach and good things that it is quick. Of course we have to wait and see how the economic environment develops. “M for music If” I want to switch off, I prefer to listen to Supertramp, Phil Collins, Queen. “N for Niklas Sundblad The Swede is the right coach for Wild Wings for the new one Round, “because he is a trainer who attaches great importance to physical fitness. He loves playing with fast players, which should bring us advantages on the smaller ice rink. Niklas is tough and fair to the players. That’s how it should be in my opinion. I think that based on his experience he will get a lot out of the team. “O for optimism Hopefully the new round in the DEL starts on September 18, because I am confident that everything will calm down further when it comes to infections. Of course, I cannot say we play because a vaccine is found, but I think viewers will tackle games with the necessary discipline. ” P for play-offs The Wild Wings make it into the play-offs “because the team we are building will have a greater will to win. That is what the coach and I stand for. I just love the feeling of winning, we have to embody everyone. I count the fans and the whole environment. Of course I could say more if the entire squad was already known. Our goal must be to play the play-offs. ” Q like Jamie MacQueen The contract with the striker has not yet been terminated “because it is a difficult situation for both sides”. R for ratlo s “I have never been at a loss in the past few weeks because a new door always opens”. S like Schwenningen Schwenningen will stand in the new round for an ice hockey that “everyone has fun. Fun is the best medicine to be successful – and perhaps to forget this corona crisis.” T for transfers The squad is not yet complete, “because we still need three defenders and four strikers. The final squad should be known at the latest when we go back to full ice again – six weeks before the start of the round.” U like uncertainty The corona pandemic “also unsettled me because you didn’t know where you were going. And not just in terms of job or money. For example, you didn’t know what the virus meant for children. Much was easy intangible, but this is normal when there is a new illness. ” V for full visor This is still an option, “because it shouldn’t fail that we play. It depends on whether this really makes sense. Footballers don’t play with a mask either.” W like wine If someone gives me a glass of wine, then “of course I drink it too, although I would prefer a red wine.” X for x times In the recent past, “I have thought x times about when I can finally work as I intended because of the corona crisis.” Y like Dylan Yeo and Co. The players of the previous squad will improve in the new round compared to the previous season, “because the coach and I are very demanding. I will not tolerate a player not going along. We want to be successful. If a player does not embody this, then he has lost nothing in the wild wings. ” Z like viewers The DEL season will only be able to start with viewers “because fans are one of the main sources of income. Without viewer income we cannot exist.” The key words were given by Gunter Wiedemann.

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