– I was shocked – VG

HOSPITAL: Marcus Laursen never thought that his injury on Saturday would lead to surgery and a longer hospital stay.

Brodd player Marcus Laursen (21) thought he suffered normal thigh fatigue, but when his thigh nearly tripled, he realized he needed to go to the hospital.


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Marcus Laursen is now at Stavanger University Hospital. The injury forced him to cut his thigh to relieve the pressure.

– I was shocked. I’ve always been a little afraid of operations. When I see the operations on TV I think it’s disgusting. I heard they would cut, but it was bigger than I thought, Laursen tells VG.

Warning: A picture of the horrific thigh injury is further down in the article.

On Saturday, Brodd went to Bergen to play against Bjarg in the third football division. Brodd won 2-1, but towards the end of the match Laursen ended up in a duel with a Bjarg player. Although it was good, no one expected it to turn into a terrible injury. Because he was just a legged hen. Bjarg’s player’s knee went into the 21-year-old’s thigh.

OUT FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON: Brodd player Marcus Laursen had to undergo surgery after a severe hamstring injury.

– The first thing I thought is that everything will be fine. It hurts, but you run away from a chicken, Laursen says.

Laursen failed to finish the match, but he was at the team’s party when they returned home to Stavanger. The pain in his thigh only got worse and he decided to go home soon.

– It hurt me so much. She never stopped swelling, she says.

At one in the morning he was in bed. The pain made him unable to sleep. He looked down at his thigh again. His right thigh was now well over double his left thigh.

– Then I decided to call my mother. She came and she drove me to the ER, says Laursen.

There it was immediately decided that he should go to Stavanger University Hospital. At five in the morning he was operated on. They had to remove a lot of blood from the thigh to relieve swelling.

HORRIBLE INJURY: Marcus Laursen had to drain blood from his thigh after a football injury.

Lars Engebregtsen is an orthopedic surgery specialist, senior physician, professor and team leader for sports injury research. Previously he was primary for the national football team. The VG showed him the photo of Laursen’s open thigh.

– Probably a blunt trauma that has caused a large amount of bleeding on the inside of the thigh which means that circulation to the leg and foot is poor, so the accumulation of blood must be removed to relieve the pressure. The wound closes after two to three days, Engebregtsen tells VG.

Ali Kilinc is Brodd’s head coach. He understood very little when he was told at six in the morning that Laursen had been operated on.

EXPERT: Lars Engebretsen.

– I didn’t understand anything. The last thing I saw from him was that he was walking and limping a bit, but I never thought he was that serious, Kilinc tells VG.

– You’re shocked when you get that message. What is this? He’s right on the phone and you ask him how he’s doing, she adds.

Brodd is in second place in the third division and is therefore fighting for promotion.

– The most important thing is that he recovers and that things go well, then we have to try to win the last four games of the season for him, says Kilinc.

The remaining games this season will be without Laursen on the pitch.

– A doctor said it may take a few weeks before I can walk normally again, says Laursen.

He’s not sure what would have happened if he hadn’t been operated on.

– I got several messages about it, but a nurse said I would have to amputate if I didn’t get to the hospital, says Laursen.

– Is it true that such an injury can lead to amputation?

– Theoretically yes, but in practice I have very rarely seen it, Engebretsen replies to VG.

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