Hyundai, leader in electric mobility thanks to the Ioniq – Electric models

Hyundai aims at the leadership of electric mobility in Europe, taking advantage of the new Ioniq brand, dedicated to EVs. The Korean carmaker is in fact preparing for an offensive which will start thanks to three new fully electric models that will arrive on the market within the next 4 years.

Hyundai Ioniq, the key to electric success

Opening the dances will be Ioniq 5, a medium-sized crossover based on the Concept 45. Its debut in Europe is expected as early as mid-next year, followed in 2022 by the Ioniq 6 sedan and the large Ioniq 7 SUV in 2024. The new EVs will be based on the automaker’s new modular electric platform (e-GMP) to come. used by Hyundai globally. “In a relatively short space of time, we have the potential to become the largest supplier of electric vehicles in Europe, especially with the new range of dedicated EV models under the new Ioniq brand”, said Michael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Europe, in an interview with Autonews Europe.

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The number one in Europe of the Korean brand has based its prediction on whether Hyundai will aim for sell around 60,000 zero-emission vehicles this year, assuming a leading role in the development of electric mobility in the Old Continent. Hyundai has decided to turn Ioniq into a standalone brand “In response to the rapidly growing market demand”, as well as to accelerate the carmaker’s drive to lead the global electric vehicle market, a very ambitious goal given the moment of tension that the entire sector is experiencing. Along with its sister brands Kia and Genesis, Hyundai aims to sell one million electrified vehicles by 2025, thus reaching 10% of market shares globally.

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