HPI Knowledge Podcast: Why Businesses Fail in Digital Transformation

12.10.2022 – 09:47

HPI Hasso Plattner Institute

Potsdam (ots)

On the road to a digital world, companies and organizations must constantly rethink their strategies, processes, products and services to keep up with the emergence of new technologies and digital trends and use them in the best possible way. Many companies fail in this transformation process, but why is this and what can companies do and do about it? Carolin Marx and Thomas Haskamp, ​​research associates at Professor Falk Uebernickel’s Chair for Design Thinking and Innovation Research at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), answer these questions. In a new episode of the HPI Knowledge Podcast Neuland talk to moderator Leon Stebe about the topic. “Why do companies fail so often during transformation “.

In their research, Carolin Marx and Thomas Haskamp deal with the digital transformation of large companies. They discover the so-called transformation traps that can lead to project failure. It is rarely possible to name only a specific cause. Often it is the combination of many factors, such as a lack of support from top management and the workforce, miscalculation of resources, or even timing issues that lead to failure. “We see a lot of companies hiring too much, changing too quickly, or developing something the market isn’t ready for yet,” says HPI scientist Carolin Marx.

However, Marx and Haskamp identify two fundamental factors that are worth being aware of. On the one hand there is the so-called “inertia”. “We have always done it this way,” Haskamp sums up the underlying attitude, which hinders change and prefers to reproduce the status quo. On the other hand, there is the so-called “growing commitment”. This describes “the general tendency of people to persist in the decisions they made immediately, even when there are very clear negative signs not to persist in that decision,” explains Marx.

According to Marx and Haskamp, ​​in order to master digital transformation, it is therefore useful to face these transformation traps, which can lead to failure, in advance, and not be afraid of moments that bring a certain degree of uncertainty. “It is especially important to create a will for change and an awareness that this transformation initiative also includes transition periods that you have to go through step by step,” says Haskamp.

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The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam is the German university center of excellence for digital engineering ( https://hpi.de). With the degree “IT Systems Engineering”, the joint digital engineering faculty of HPI and the University of Potsdam offers a unique and particularly practical degree in computer engineering throughout Germany, currently used by around 700 students. In the five masters “IT Systems Engineering”, “Digital Health”, “Data Engineering”, “Cybersecurity” and “Software Systems Engineering” you can set your research priorities based on this. The HPI always occupies the top positions in the CHE university rankings. The HPI School of Design Thinking, Europe’s first innovation school for students based on the Stanford d.school model, offers 300 places for further study each year. There are currently 22 professors and over 50 other guest professors, faculty and lecturers working at HPI. It conducts excellent undergraduate research – in its IT departments, but also in the HPI Research School for PhD students with its research branches in Cape Town, Irvine, Haifa and Nanjing. HPI teaching and research focuses on the foundations and applications of large, highly complex, networked IT systems. In addition, there is the development and research of user-oriented innovations for all areas of life.

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