How to Update iPhone to iOS 16.4 in a Breeze

iOS 16.4 Update Has Been Released for iPhone Users, Have you downloaded it? ( Agustinus Mario Damar)

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iOS 16.4 Update Has Been Released for iPhone Users, Have you downloaded it? ( Agustinus Mario Damar)

Apple has finally officially launched the iOS 16.4 update, after a month ago releasing the beta version for users enrolled in the development program or Apple Developer.

The iOS 16.4 update comes with a number of bug fixes, and of course a number of new features that users have been waiting for. Anything?

New Features in iOS 16.4

According to a leak some time ago, iOS 16.4 will introduce 31 new emojis to the user’s iPhone device.

The new emoji include new smileys, new animals–like deer and swans, and a choice of heart colors–like pink and light blue.

It was explained that all the new emoji on iOS 16.4 came from the Unicode recommendation list for September 2022, Emoji 15.0.

With the presence of iOS 16.4, you can now take advantage of the web-based notification feature from Safari.

As in other applications, the user can choose whether or not to receive notifications from the web browser.

For example, you can receive notifications from websites, such as Liputan6.comevery time a new article appears.

In order not to be bombarded with notifications, Apple limits only websites that are stored on the Home Screen which will send notifications when a new article appears.

Apple introduces features voice isoloation this is on iOS 15 (2021), and only works when the user is on a call using FaceTime.

Now with the new iOS 16.4 feature, all iPhone owners can try this feature even while on a cellular call.

when active, voice isoloation it can help the other person hear more clearly by drowning out background noises, such as the sound of walking or the sound of wind when on an iPhone call.

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