How to Shop on TikTok Shop, Can Buy Items while Live Streaming – TikTok not only provide entertainment video content.

However TikTok also provides online shopping features based on e-commerce.

The feature that was released since last April is titled TikTok Shop.

As the name implies, this feature allows users to shop online.

Users can not only shop, but also sell goods directly on the website TikTok Shop.

Through this service, users can shop directly without having to switch to an application marketplace others to buy the desired product.

Superiority TikTok Shop i.e. not redirecting users to online store websites.

This is different from Instagram Shopping nor Facebook Shops which links link specific sites for shopping.

Thus, all purchase transactions, chat with the seller, until the payment process is carried out in the application TikTok itself.

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So, how do you shop at TikTok Shop?


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