How to restore deleted stories or posts on Instagram

In Xataka Basics Mexico you can find tips and tricks related to various applications that we use daily, one of them is instagramfrom which we already teach you how to search for filters, how to set countdowns and how to share stories easily.

Now we have to review how to restore or recover stories or posts that we have deleted either due to carelessness, or because we regret deleting them; This is done easily from the same application and no need to download third-party programs.

How to restore deleted stories and posts on Instagram

If you deleted a photo or a story and you regretted it, don’t worry, recovering it is very simplefor that we must follow the following steps:

  • We will go to our profile and then we will touch the menu with the three horizontal lines.
  • In the pop-up window we look for and click on the option “Your activity”.

  • Now we scroll almost to the end of the page and select the section “Recently deleted.”
deleted content instagram

  • Here you will find two tabsthe one that belongs to the publications as photos, and the one that shows the stories.
Deleted Stories/Posts

  • Select the photo, video, post or story you want to recover, click on the three vertical points to open the menu, and select the option “To restore”.
Restore instagram stories/posts

And that’s it, it’s that simple you can recover your deleted photo or storyit should be noted that every time you delete a publication or storie, You only have 30 days to get it back if you wish. In addition, this does not apply to stories that were automatically deleted after the 24-hour time limit passed.

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