How to get rid of scale lice that attack Aglonema plants

JAKARTA, – Scale lice is a type of pest that can attack decorative plants aglonema that you have at home.

When scales lice sticking to the leaves of the Aglonema plant, this is certainly very annoying, because it blocks the beauty of the Aglonema leaves.

Hawksbill itself is a pest that looks like a small leech, which can attach to the leaves and stems of aglonema.

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When scale lice attack your aglonema, it can make the plant leaves turn yellow, causing the aglonema plant to die.

Therefore, you must immediately get rid of the scale lice pests on your aglonema plants when you see them.

Because, the mite of this disease is considered very contagious and very fast spread, so it should not be left to linger.

The way to deal with aglonema which is attacked by scale lice pests is quite simple and you can do it immediately, as seen from the Youtube Flower Mix Manado channel, Tuesday (09/03/2021).

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The characteristics of aglonema plants being attacked by hawksbill pests are that the leaves begin to turn yellow, gradually spreading all over the leaves and stems, even to the roots later.

When the aglonema leaves that have been attacked by scale lice have turned yellow then you need to cut or remove the leaves.

These scale lice are small, like leeches which are small in size and stick to the back and surface of the leaves, on the stems and midribs.

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How to get rid of scale lice from aglonema

To get rid of scale lice, you only need to take the water that you have given a little dishwashing soap from various brands.

Dissolve a small amount of dishwashing liquid in a container of water, and allow the water and dishwashing detergent to dissolve and produce a lather.

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