How Samsung perceives digital artworks with an artificial association with Global Neo

Samsung Electronics today announced its alliance Neo. Art, A US-based company that provides access the High quality digital art From thousands of leading contemporary galleries and artists. This collaboration connects with Samsung’s world-class displays Neo. Art, The world’s leading digital art site, thus achieving the best quality presentation of premium digital artwork.

Until recently, there was no comprehensive solution to show many shapes in the world.Rights are managed Digital art is made to be seen on a screen. Samsung’s new partnership enables Tyson-powered Samsung commercial display users to subscribe to preset art exhibitions, purchase individual pieces, or upload their own art by downloading the Niio.Art Player app.

By engaging the audience with meaningful and spectacular digital art, the partnership between Samsung and NeoArt is poised to inspire people in new ways. The collaboration establishes a versatile platform where users can quickly and easily elevate the layout of any space, from cooperative and retail locations to food and beverage, hospitality and healthcare providers. And luxury homes.

Above (clockwise from top left) Samsung digital signage offers multimedia art in a lobby, hotel room, restaurant and hotel lounge.

Heisung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung, said: “Samsung is constantly looking for new ways to keep customers loyal to its core values.” “Whether it’s a corporate meeting room, a hotel lobby or a retail store, this partnership with Niio .Art will allow users to transform their spaces with dazzling digital canvases that showcase the best of digital art.”

Child. Art believes that there is a screen everywhere and art has the potential to move people. The Niio.Art site features more than 15,000 works of art by 6,000 different artists And galleries From 82 countries. It allows artists to upload, manage, and self-edit pieces of digital art. Neo markets directly to people looking for new experiences and to companies and municipalities that want to change their location.

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“There is a global interest in the power of experiencing art digitally. Neo’s partnership with Samsung will enable millions of people to enhance the stunning high-resolution displays of our more than 6,000 artists, ”said Rob Anders, Neo CEO. The world can always be connected with the best works of art of the imagination.

Niio.Art’s offering will be displayed in Samsung showrooms around the world and at select exhibitions.

For more information on the partnership between Samsung and Neo Art, visit:

An example of a Samsung x Neo partnership in a lobby (not long before Jonathan Monaghan)

An example of the Samsung x Neo partnership in a fashion store (Casey Rias transaction)


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