How CoinTracking Can Help You with Crypto Taxes: A Comprehensive Guide

Who doesn’t know the annoying topic of crypto taxes? For many users, they pose a huge challenge – for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, crypto users and professional traders are faced with a huge number of transactions that they need to analyze and settle at the end of the tax year.

And the price fluctuations of the crypto market are also a pain point that makes correct tax reporting a difficult matter. In the world of cryptocurrencies, fluctuations in excess of 50% are not uncommon. In a single day, one or the other currency can fall or rise by 10%.

As if that weren’t enough, most countries have yet to adopt a clear and definitive legal framework for crypto taxes. New technologies such as yield farming, staking and NFTs are therefore often found in tax gray areas. This leads to the average crypto user being overwhelmed – and a professional tax consultant is needed.

But tax experts in the field of cryptocurrencies are rare and the manual review of a large number of trades and transactions is therefore very expensive. And this is exactly where CoinTracking comes in with a wealth of functions and services.

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Save taxes with CoinTracking’s full service?

CoinTracking professionals have been specializing in crypto taxes since 2013, helping you verify your account and create professional tax reports. On the one hand, CoinTracking offers you one sophisticated app with which everything is possible, from tracking your performance and visualizing the portfolio to a full tax report.

CoinTracking offers users for whom this is not enough Full-Service at. Here you will receive professional support in preparing your crypto taxes. This ensures that all of your account details are complete and error-free, thereby creating cost-effective and accurate tax reports for your local tax authority.

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Thanks to the full service, you can concentrate on your main activity with a clear conscience and leave the difficult task of crypto taxes to the professionals. Due to CoinTracking’s many years of experience, you are always provided with the most accurate data points and correct billing methods.

In this context, CoinTracking repeatedly finds that users pay significantly more taxes than is actually necessary due to discrepancies in their tax reports. For this reason, with the full service you not only save time and nerves, but even money.

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About CoinTracking

CoinTracking (based in Munich) has existed since 2013 and has since established itself as the market leader in crypto portfolio and tax tools. Today it supports the automatic import of over 110 exchanges, more than 200 blockchains and 9 crypto wallets.

With the professional tax software, it only takes a few minutes from registration to a complete tax report (aligned with your state laws). Here you can record all conceivable crypto activities (yield farming, NFT trading, provision of liquidity or staking) and choose between 13 different accounting methods.

Do you want to know which assets are already tax-exempt due to the holding period, analyze your trading fees or find out the number of trades you have made? None of this is a problem with CoinTracking.

If that’s not enough, then there’s full service. Here, experts and qualified tax advisors will advise you and offer you professional support in writing complete and correct tax reports for your crypto or NFT portfolio.

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