How and why Alain Delon fell victim to rumors of euthanasia

The rumor started from the words of his son Anthony and turned into fake news

When the audience has awarded you the title of “sacred monster of the Seventh Art” and you are 86 years old, you must be ready for anything – even to mourn you alive. This happened in recent weeks with the legend of French cinema Alain Delon, about whom the media around the world wrote that he chose to end his days with euthanasia. Surely such sensational news about such a famous person will be read by millions. “Alain Delon decided to end his life through euthanasia” – in general, this is how most of the titles sounded. There were fans who even believed that it had already happened, and flooded social networks with condolences. Until the young son of the star Alain-Fabien decided to write an angry message on Instagram: “Enough with this fake. Stop or we will go to court! ”

In fact, like most fake news that gets a lot of attention, this one was based on half-truths, or rather words taken out of context. It all started in mid-March with an RTL interview with Delon Anthony’s eldest son, on the occasion of his autobiographical book Between a Dog and a Wolf, in which he returns to the complicated relationship with his parents and the conflicts between them. Most of the information about euthanasia was based on this conversation, in which the son said that

his father decided to leave life voluntarily

In fact, the journalist is the one who starts the interview with the words: “You tell us that you promised to be with him on the last day, when he decided that he would not want to live anymore.” The son is not directly responsible, but begins to talk about saying goodbye to his mother Natalie Delon, who died of pancreatic cancer last year. “It’s true that I was with my mother, it’s true that she decided to die the way she lived – when she decided, that’s why she chose euthanasia. Fortunately, we did not resort to this method. I say happy because everything was ready, “said Anthony, explaining that in the end she left in peace and quiet.

“My father was very shaken by all this. First Mireille (Dark) left, then my mother. His two Valkyries, as I call them. Yes, I promised him that. ” That’s all 57-year-old Anthony says in the interview. From then on, based on these words, the publications in the French and many English-language media sounded as if the 86-year-old actor had decided to die immediately and everything was ready for his last hour. Moreover, he has been living in Switzerland for years, where euthanasia is legal, unlike in France.

The rumor spread so quickly around the world that another of Delon’s children, his young son Alain-Fabien, could not stand it and decided to clarify. In early April, he wrote on Instagram: “I’m not in the habit of doing this, but things got out of hand. For two weeks now I have been reading on social networks and the so-called magazines that my father intended to end his days with euthanasia. This is not true at all. A phrase taken out of the context of a book is the reason for these rumors. There is a big difference between “son, if I’m in a car and I’m in a coma and I want you to turn me off” and all this nonsense: he wants euthanasia and said goodbye to his family. ” The 28-year-old man recalls that the family has already faced the case when

the French idol was included in the machine after a severe stroke in 2019,

but even then the family decided to support his life. “Let’s now correct this nonsense together and I promise that next time it will end in court,” Alain-Fabien continued, concluding: “Let my old man live his best life in peace.”

However, the truth dictates that there are reasons why the story of Delon’s euthanasia is accepted by many of his fans as “pure coin”. The actor has often and unequivocally spoken out in favor of assisted suicide. “I am for euthanasia. Firstly, because I live in Switzerland, where it is possible, and also because I consider it the most logical and natural thing. “After a certain age, a person has the right to leave in peace,” he told TV5 Mond last summer. “I find euthanasia something spectacular. You are in a room with the people you want, with friends you have chosen. These are your last moments, but you decide, no one else “, he had confessed earlier in front of the Swiss edition” Illustra “.

In general, in recent years, the legend of French cinema has openly talked about death, including his own. According to his relatives, after the stroke 3 years ago, he is literally obsessed with the end. “I am a Catholic, but discreet, I do not want a public funeral,” he said in an interview with TV5. “I hate this age, I’m sick of it. Everything is fake, everyone is fake. I know I will leave this world without regret. Everything is ready,

I have a grave in your chapel he has 6 seats “,

adds Delon. Given the unpleasant quarrels over inheritance between the children of Johnny Holiday, the star told the Swiss edition that he has prepared everything with his lawyers so that it is clear what exactly will happen when he is no longer here. A few years ago, he appointed his 31-year-old daughter Anushka as the executor of his will.

The life of the once dazzling handsome man with the most incredible blue eyes was marked not only by an incredibly successful film career, but also by great emotional upheavals. He was almost depressed after parting ways with model Rosalie van Bremen, with whom he has two children, Anushka and Alain-Fabien. The reason was the heavy court battles between the two for custody of the youngest child. Over the years, the actor has lost forever all the other women he once loved. He had a hard time surviving the tragic death of his first fateful love, Romy Schneider, and then of Dalida (both of whom committed suicide), and had a hard time recovering from the death of Mireille Dark, with whom he had his longest relationship. after heart surgery), as well as that of his only wife Natalie, who died of cancer at 79

“It was Natalie my first wife and the only one Mrs. Delon

I am very sad, “said the star of her funeral.

Two years ago, on the occasion of his 84th birthday, the great artist admitted: “I feel very young. General de Gaulle said, “Growing old is a shipwreck.” Like a car at 400,000 km. She lacks some water, oil, the tires are flat… Nothing can be done, this is age. Vision weakens, the face wrinkles. You get up and, hell, your ankle hurts. It’s not funny at all. Growing old is a damn thing. ”

Many of Delon’s close friends and on-screen partners are also no longer alive, and cinema has said goodbye to them for a whole great era. According to Brigitte Bardot, after the death of her eternal rival Jean-Paul Belmondo last September, the Cheetah has finally closed in on itself. After a stroke in 2019, from which he recovered for months, the cult singer lived in almost complete solitude in his mansion in Dushi with his last wife Hiromi, who is known only to be Japanese and took care of him while he was step on his feet after a serious illness.

Although he now walks only with a cane, the idol of all France has not abandoned the idea of ​​working again. In an interview with TV5 Le Monde, he said that before he died, he wanted to make one last film. “The one who will stay forever. “Then I will leave because I will have nothing else to do,” Delon said.

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