Hospitals are not only for treatment but also for preventing disease, how?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Many people think they are coming to hospital for treatment. Even though the hospital also plays a role in preventing disease.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Primaya Hospital Group, Leona A. Karnali said the hospital is not just a curative act or treatment. “Hospitals should also have a preventive, promotive, educative, and early detection agenda for disease,” Leona said at the virtual announcement of the winner of the Primaya Heart Race on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

Leona explained that preventive measures are important because if they are already sick, not only the patient will feel the suffering of the disease, but also the family will bear the cost of treatment which is not small. “Because the goal of the hospital is to keep people healthy,” said this graduate of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

One of the preventive and promotive efforts, according to Leona, is to invite the public to exercise to increase immunity or endurance during the pandemic. On that occasion, Leona told that the first Primaya Heart Race was carried out with reckless capital. “Initially we limited a thousand participants, but I decided this competition is open to anyone until 1,661 participants join,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Primaya Hospital Group, Leona A. Karnali. Dok. Primaya Hospital

Leona noticed that this competition made everyone measure themselves and encourage each other. In one group consists of 15-25 participants for the category of running and cycling competitions. There were also individual participants who were able to run the longest distance, which was 829 kilometers in 15 days. There were also individual cycling participants who covered the longest distance of 2,064 kilometers in 15 days.

Through sports, Leona explained, one can know one’s capacity. If something feels different or uncomfortable, then you should consult a doctor. “This is where we can know what is happening to the body,” he said. One of the services that can be utilized is: medical check up or a thorough medical examination.

Medical check up It’s important because if you’re late for a check-up at the hospital, your condition will be more difficult,” he said medical check up includes a medical history examination; examination of vital signs, such as heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, blood pressure; and physical examination. There are also supporting examinations, such as laboratory tests to determine the number of blood cells, cholesterol, blood sugar, or chemicals that are markers of organ function, as well as detecting abnormalities in urine and feces.

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