Honduran Migrant Caravan Organizer Captured

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The organizer of the migrant caravan that came out last week from San Pedro Sula was deported by the Government of Mexico, informed the Honduran authorities.

Is about Héctor Edgardo Cárcamo, 29, originally from San Pedro Sula, was required by authorities in his country.

Cárcamo arrived protected by elements of the National Guard of Mexico on a flight from the Federal Police to the Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport.

Subsequently the Honduran was required by personnel of the Transnational Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police Investigation Directorate (UTIC-DPI) and the International Organization of Police Criminal (Interpol), to follow the procedure of the case based on law.

A total of 1,754 Hondurans were deported until Thursday from Guatemala and Mexico, after they left their country by caravan between January 14 and 15 to try to reach the United States, the Honduran government reported.

The caravan left the Honduran San Pedro Sula with about 3,000 people in search of better living conditions in the United States, fleeing violence and poverty in their country.


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