HIV010: too little attention for the other pandemic

What is it like to live with HIV?

HIV010 has asked Bas van de Kruk, an interdisciplinary artist and philosopher, who has been living with HIV for years, to make a video based on the stories of other young men living with HIV. How is it when you just hear it, how do you shape your life afterwards, how do you learn to accept it. The video can be seen at

COVID: Similarities and differences

Karlijn Bunnig, spiritual counselor for people with HIV at the Mara Foundation, saw more and more similarities and differences between covid-19 and HIV / AIDS during the pandemic. She wrote a column about this. She hopes the covid-19 pandemic will help reduce stigma against HIV.

Erasmus MC has started #, a project to reduce the number of HIV infections to zero. The initiative is in line with the United Nations’ goal that the AIDS epidemic should end by 2030. The # project focuses on the active detection of people with an increased risk of HIV infection, namely the 7% of people who live with HIV in the Netherlands, but are not yet aware of their HIV diagnosis. The slogan of the project ‘Dare to be aware’ stands for creating awareness about HIV indicator disorders and for normalizing testing for HIV as routine care for certain disorders. “In this way we provide 0 new HIV infections in the Netherlands.”, Says the initiative. The website will be launched on 1 December:

Support for women with HIV

The Humanitas Foundation will hold a private day this year for women living with HIV in Rotterdam. According to the organization, the support of each other remains necessary.


These initiatives were established by HIV010, a collaboration of various organizations and volunteers. HIV010’s objective is to continue to draw attention to the position of people living with HIV / AIDS in and around Rotterdam. HIV010 carries out projects on information, prevention and combating stigma.


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