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Origin:thermal coalThe market remains stable for now. The impact of the outbreak in Inner Mongolia has gradually diminished. The Zhungeer Banner and Yijinhuoluo Banner mining areas are relatively active and downstream customers are more active in purchasing. There are many coal mining vehicles in the mining area. .

In the Shaanxi region, the transportation situation in the Yuyang and Hengshan mining areas is normal, coal prices are basically stable. Affected by the outbreak, the long-distance capacity turnover rate is still slow.

Brings:Market transactions continued to stall. Recently, port shipments are mainly based on long-term coal, and the high-calorie coal resources in the market are relatively limited. Influenced by constant shipping costs, port traders have a strong sentiment of selling at high prices. , and now it only takes care of users who are just needed.

Downstream:Recently, with the gradual decline in high temperatures, the daily consumption of power plants has decreased slightly, coal stocks are still at the median level, and supply demand is weak. Demand has been released gradually and it is expected that it will still play a supporting role in coal prices.

Import side:Due to the recent impact of epidemic prevention and control in major production areas, transport has not yet fully recovered, spot tradable resources in the port market are limited, and the price of coal is relatively high. End users are turning to the imported coal market with higher cost performance. The price of the plant’s winning bids has risen steadily and now Indonesia’s Q3800FOB is quoted at US $ 87-89 / ton.

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We judge:Production in the mining areas is still picking up and most of the mining areas have not accumulated coal deposits. The epidemic problem affecting the original shipment will last for at least a week and the supply is scarce.

After the high temperature, social and residential electricity consumption will decrease, but the provinces and cities that have been severely affected by the high temperature and water shortage in the early stage still need a certain amount of coal supply. guaranteed. , and industrial consumption of electricity and coal is expected to increase significantly and demand is strong.

In terms of transactions, the market just needs customers to buy at a steady pace and other customers have to gradually accept high prices. It is expected to remain high this week.

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