Here’s how you can get the blue tick on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram ask you to pay: if you want a blue tick in your profile in the future, you have to buy it! Here you can find out what is behind Meta Verified is who can get the hook and what it costs.

What does the blue tick on Instagram and Facebook mean?

According to meta boss Mark Zuckerberg, the blue tick is intended to increase “the authenticity and security” of Facebook services. In his eyes, the new subscription service is to be understood as a seal of quality that wants to put a stop to fake accounts. Because in order to receive the blue tick badge, applicants must be certified by an official identification document from their government.

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However, Zuckerberg also explained that blue tick subscribers “gain direct access to customer support.” This brought many critical voices. Because now users fear that they could receive significantly worse support in the future without a subscription.

In addition, Meta promises all Verified subscribers increased visibility and reach. This is to be done through preferential consideration in areas such as search, comments and recommendations. In addition, exclusive functions are promised that have not yet been named. In this regard, too, there are already calls that there will soon be a two-class society at Meta.

How much does the blue tick cost and when can you buy it?

Meta Verified has just started the testing phase. Currently (as of March 2023) customers can only buy the blue tick for Instagram and Facebook in two countries: Australia and New Zealand. Other countries are to follow soon. If you would like to be put on a waiting list now, you can do so here Face­book and Insta­gram erledi­gen.

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The blue tick on Instagram or Facebook is $11.99 per month when booked through a web browser. However, the price is a whopping $14.99 when paid through iOS or Android.

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But be careful: the subscription is called Meta Verified, but it does not apply to all meta services. Instead, separate Verified subscriptions must be taken out for Facebook and Instagram. Anyone who books Meta Verified for both social media services therefore pays $23.98 and $29.99 respectively.

Who can get Meta Verified?

In principle, every user can buy in the blue ticks, provided that his or her account meets the following conditions:

• Minimum age: 18 years
• It must be a public or private profile
• It must contain a full legal name
• The profile picture must show the face of the profile owner or owner
• The profile picture must match the picture in the official ID document
• The account must meet minimum activity requirements, such as existing posts
• Two-factor authentication must be enabled
• Account must comply with Meta’s Terms of Service and Community Standards
• Company accounts are not yet qualified

Meta also points out that changing the user or profile name, date of birth or profile picture will result in a new application for a Meta Verified subscription and verification.

For whom is Meta Verified worthwhile?

With so many requirements and the high price, the following question naturally arises: Why should I buy a blue tick at all? According to the current state of knowledge, the surcharge is only worthwhile for people who are in the public spotlight or who earn money through their account and are therefore dependent on maximum presence, credibility and support.

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What if I already have a blue tick?

By the way: According to Meta, anyone who already has a verified blue tick on Facebook or Instagram (previously verification was free) can use it without restrictions during the test phase of Meta Verified.

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It remains unclear what happens to hooks that have already been granted when Meta Verified goes into regular operation. It is very likely that the corresponding users will then have to take out a subscription in order to keep the blue tick.

What do you think of Meta Verify? Are you interested in the blue tick for Facebook and Instagram? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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