here is the weather forecast region by region

The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) is forecasting further rains in the east and southeast in the morning on Monday, with the possibility of a thunderclap. Elsewhere it will be drier with thinnings. In the afternoons, it will be dry and partly cloudy with cloudy conditions. Temperatures will be between 16 degrees in Hautes Fagnes, 18 degrees on the coast and 22 degrees in the center. The wind will be moderate to fairly strong in the interior and strong on the coast, from west-southwest.

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During the next night, the cloudiness will increase and the risk of a downpour on the coast will become greater. The minimum will be between 8 degrees in Hautes Fagnes and 14 degrees in plain.

Tomorrow morning we will see cloudiness first, but from the west the cloud cover will increase quickly. A disturbance, with periods of light rain or drizzle, will reach the west of the country around noon and then cross the other regions. The maximum will be between 17 degrees in the upper Ardennes and 21 degrees in the center. Wind moderate to sometimes strong enough, fairly strong at the coast, from the southwest with gusts up to 55 km / h.

Wednesday, in the morning, it will often be very cloudy with especially over the northern half of the country, sometimes moderate rains. Over the south, it will probably be drier with more thinning. In the course of the afternoon, precipitation will cover the entire country. They will intensify and rather fall in the form of potentially stormy showers. The maximums will be between 19 and 24 degrees in a light to moderate wind from west to southwest.

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On Thursday it will be partly cloudy with cloudy periods. A thunderclap will remain possible. The maximums will be between 17 degrees locally in the Ardennes as well as at the seaside and 22 degrees in the plain. The west wind will be moderate. At sea, it will temporarily move northwest to north.


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