Healthcare workers don’t really trust the vaccine! The numbers are AMAZING

Based on existing data, the EU’s proposed 80% target is difficult to achieve, as we are far from it for the time being. 44% of unvaccinated workers are in a situation of vaccination hesitation, being the potential target of a persuasion campaign.

Relevant elements for the general attitude of health workers towards vaccination:

– Approx. 75% believe that vaccination is a way out of the pandemic

reducing the risk of COVID-19 disease.

– Approx. 2% indicated that SARS-CoV-2 positives were detected after vaccination; 40% indicated that they had patients in the same situation. These are the elements that influence their decision.

– Approx. 31% believe that workers who have experienced an episode of SARS-CoV-2 infection should be treated as vaccinated.

The profile of unvaccinated workers tends to be characterized by the following 5 characteristics:

– They are not convinced of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

– They tend to be part of groups with few vaccinated colleagues.

– They tend to have a weight inversely proportional to the level of education.

– They tend to have a weight inversely proportional to age.

– They have not been the subject of official information on the vaccine. Only approx. 4% of respondents indicated that they were informed by the professional body (87% of all evicted respondents having the obligation to be members of a professional body).

The most important legitimate expectations of unvaccinated workers, which could lead (most) to get vaccinated:

– Provide clear evidence of vaccine efficacy and safety.

– Specific information and training.

– Protection against the risks associated with vaccines.

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– They do not want to be forced to get vaccinated, but convinced (except for those who indicated a categorical refusal of vaccination).

Some relevant information regarding vaccinated workers can be retained:

– Over 90% of them are convinced of the effectiveness of the vaccine and its possibility to

combat COVID-19 pandemic.

– The “Matthew effect” of vaccination is visible: the more vaccinated there are in a workplace, the higher the share of vaccinated in that section.

– Approx. 29% of them recommend coercive measures: 24.3% of vaccinated workers

considers that vaccination should be mandatory and others approx. 4% that it should exist

conditioning. This is one of the signs of the risk of distortions in the functioning of medical teams.


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