Health crisis in New York: “even after the attacks of September 11, 2001, I never saw that”

Sputnik France

Rachel Marsden. Sputnik France

What is life like today in the midst of the health crisis in Manhattan, in the largest American city? Testimony of Olivier Piton, lawyer and specialist in the United States, for Global Disorder.

What is the atmosphere in the United States in the face of the second wave of Covid-19? Olivier Piton, lawyer in public law, president of the Law Commission at the Assembly of French people living abroad and author of the books The New American Revolution and Transgressives in Power – Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump (edited by Plon), draws up a picture from Manhattan that would give Rachel Marsden’s microphone goosebumps:

“It’s terrible. New York is empty. There are a lot of shops and restaurants that are definitely closed. Very few people in the streets, since everyone is telecommuting. Very few people in the car. Quite honestly, even in 2001 after [les attentats terroristes du, ndlr] September 11, I’ve never seen that. ”


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