Health. A hospital hotel for patients near Bel-Air

Pierre Cuny had announced it during his back-to-school press conference: Thionville will have a hospital hotel, near the Bel-Air hospital, with the start of work scheduled for 2021.

This Wednesday, October 7, he redefined its contours, along with the general manager of CHR Metz-Thionville and the Seclem GGL Santé group, which are leading the project.

Why in Côte-des-Roses?

Because it is part of the neighborhood renovation project supported by the City. The Bel-Air hospital is at the heart of the reflections on the new urban plan of the Bel-Air-Côte-des-Roses district. Likewise, the modernization of the hospital center is based on the construction of the new maternity unit, works to embellish the facades and the interior circulation in response to new health practices.

What will it look like?

The hospital hotel in the Bel-Air Côte-des-Roses district will be located on Place Sainte-Anne. It will have 25 housing units in hospital residences for patients and their families, and 50 housing units available for doctors in training and students. The whole represents approximately 3,000 m² , with, on the ground floor, shops, a restaurant and a nursery.

Patient rooms will be between 20 m2 and 40 m² , and can accommodate two to four people.

Pierre Cuny: “The advantage, in Thionville, is that we have land and that the new maternity is coming. It is a strong territorial attractiveness. »Photo RL / Karim SIARI

What will it be used for?

Doctors will offer their patients, according to medical eligibility criteria, this non-medical accommodation solution, upstream or downstream of hospitalization.

The aim is to promote outpatient care for certain pathologies and childbirth. The average is one to three nights per patient, or even more for atypical routes.

Who will pay the cost of the room?

Nothing is fixed yet, but the goal is to obtain a “zero charge remaining” for the patient. In other words, the room will be allocated on medical prescription, and therefore reimbursed. “It is not a question of removing beds in the hospital to put them in the hotel”, specifies the mayor.

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