– He treated me like air


Amahl Pellegrino was once again on everyone’s lips when he scored two goals against the old club Strømsgodset on Sunday.

After the match, an event should also arise that should receive a lot of attention.

As the players were on their way into the locker room, Henrik Pedersen met his old student Pellegrino. Eagerly, the estate coach grabbed the tip and began talking to him.

The two-goal scorer, for his part, was not so interested in talking to his old coach, and responded by looking down into the artificial turf.

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A game

In retrospect, Pellegrino describes it all as a game for the gallery.

– He (Henrik Pedersen journ.nm.) Knows full well that there is a TV camera there, Pellegrino tells Dagbladet about the incident.

Pellegrino feels that Pedersen did well to get out of the situation. To Dagbladet he explains why he did not answer the Danish.

– At the end of the Godset period, I was treated like air. In the period before the transition to Kristiansund we did not talk together. That’s why I had no need to answer him, says Pellegrino.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Strømsgodset’s media manager Magne Jordan Nilsen on Tuesday afternoon. He says that Strømsgodset coach Henrik Pedersen does not want to comment on the matter.

Powerful settlement

After Sunday’s match, Kjetil Rekdal, among others, commented on the situation that arose between Pellegrino and Pedersen.

In the Eurosport studio, Rekdal said the following about the situation:

– I did not think that players should blame the coaches when they have not succeeded for a long time at that level. I had recommended Pellegrino to continue to deliver as he does for Kristiansund, because it is absolutely fantastic.

Following Rekdal’s statements, Pellegrino posted a photo on Twitter where he held his ears with the text “When the guys in Eurosport talk. Keep talking shit »

The attacker refers to the statements Rekdal made in the Eurosport studio. Among other things, Rekdal believed that Pellegrino should have asked Pedersen why he was not allowed to play when he was in the Estate.

Pellegrino responds to the statements and believes that Rekdal is unaware of the relationship that existed between the two.

– It’s a little difficult to have a conversation like that unless the coach shows up at an agreed meeting once, says Pellegrino, adding:

– He doesn’t know the story between the two of us. I did not have a head coach to deal with when I was Strømsgodset.

Put it behind him

The former Lillestrom and Bærum player says he was lucky to have others in the club he had a good relationship with.

– I was fortunate to have a good assistant coach in Håkon Wibe-Lund and good teammates when I was Strømsgodset, says Pellegrino.

Despite the situation on Sunday, Pellegrino says that he has put the Godset period behind him and that he now has all the focus on Kristiansund.

And it seems to work:

Since coming to Kristiansund last fall, Pellegrino has scored 15 goals in 15 games. In this year’s Elite Series, he has seven full strides, only Kasper Junker is ahead of him. Bodø / Glimt’s tip has knocked in eight goals.

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