“He did not take any lions home. A lot of people say they gave money to get to me / We have a campaign finance law that no one wants to follow. “

Former President Traian Basescu claims that Elena Udrea “did not take any lions home” and claims that she was convicted “not on evidence”. He says that if it is money illegally taken to the party, then the law regulating the financing of political parties, which “does not talk about imprisonment”, should be applied.

“There is nothing new under the sun. A lot of scoundrels say they gave me money to get to me. You see Căpăţână, you see… who wanted to escape after stealing money and took them home, it was simple to say, I gave money to Udrea to get to Băsescu. Show me one man, one man who can say that he gave me a lion “, said Traian Băsescu, on Friday evening, in a telephone intervention on România TV.

The former head of state claimed that Elena Udrea was convicted “not on probation” and that she “did not take any lion home”.

“Not on evidence (Elena Udrea goes to prison – no.) Show me one lion that Elena Udrea appropriated! One lion. In vain you ask me, that I will tell you that Elena Udrea did not take any lion home “, Băsescu also stated.

Regarding the accusations according to which Elena Udrea received a bribe to take money to the former Liberal Democratic Party, Băsescu claimed that in this case the legislation regarding the financing of political parties should be applied.

“It simply came to our notice then. He’s not talking about prison. So if we’re talking about campaign funding, we have a campaign funding law that no one wants to follow. That’s my answer, I don’t have another, because as long as they’re not taken home, it’s money that was used for the campaign. It was an illegal financing, it is confiscated and the one who financed it is fined with the amount he gave, or the party, it depends if the party did not take a written statement from the one who financed the campaign “, added the former president of Romania.

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source: News.ro, photo source: Facebook

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