Have a little patience, Toyota’s hybrid car made in Indonesia will soon be paving


PT Toyota Astra Motor has confirmed that it will launch a hybrid car made in Indonesia this year. Even so, Toyota is still keeping a secret about the first production of the hybrid car. The candidate for the Toyota hybrid car made in Indonesia was also absent at the 2022 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS).

“Yes, of course there are many considerations of readiness and so on (absent at GIIAS). But this year, it won’t be long,” said Marketing Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor Anton Jimmi Suwandy when met in the GIIAS 2022 area, Tangerang.

Anton is also still reluctant to divulge what Toyota’s first hybrid car model is. The leak came from the Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, last February.



Agus clearly said that the Kijang Hybrid will be Toyota’s first electrification product, which was born in the country before engaging in other types.

“Anyway, this year, we can’t confirm the time, because it’s still in preparation. This product is very attractive for the Indonesian market, I think electrification technology will be very fitting, yes, the timing this year,” added Anton.

Previously, Toyota had admitted that the Japanese manufacturer would produce HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) vehicles locally from 2022 for the domestic and export markets. Toyota’s hybrid car product is also confirmed to be based on a model that already existed before.

Toyota will reportedly produce 10 hybrid cars, including 5 plug-in hybrid cars. One of the hybrid cars that will be produced in Indonesia is the Toyota Kijang Hybrid which is written in 2022.

It is hoped that Toyota can contribute to reducing emissions and reducing imports of fossil fuels by popularizing the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in Indonesia.

Toyota said that the plan to add several types of Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) vehicles is already in the pipeline for the next four years. Toyota has also stated that it will add an investment of Rp 27.1 trillion in the next five years.

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