Harry and Meghan, the mystery of the title to the children and rumors about Sussex in a new book

from Enrica Roddolo

By automatism with the proclamation of the new king, Archie and Lilibet should be princes. But there is no official trace yet

One week later the state funeral of the queen
much of the new structure in the royal family has already been realized: with Charles the king, William and Kate immediately became Prince and Princess of Wales, also inheriting the Duchy of Cornwall. Camilla became queen consort, as it was written in the centuries-old custom of the Windsors and how she had been “blessed” by the queen in February 2022 by expressing her will to one day see Charles on the throne with “his” queen Camilla beside her. On the other hand, another automatism remains pending, foreseen at each change of king. The children of Harry and Meghan

, now only Master Archie (Archibald) Mountbatten-Windsor and Miss Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor should be elevated to principles.

This is what has always been foreseen, automatically, for the grandchildren of a king, the historian Hugo Vickers had explained to us at the birth of Archie. And in fact, this automatic mechanism made Meghan’s accusations in the interview with Oprah not very credible when she accused the Windsors of not having given the title of prince to her son at birth, advancing a prejudice of color. She realized that the title belonged to the little ones, but only at the moment when Charles would become king. Now everything gets complicated because Charles the new king Charles III.

But there is no official trace of the title of prince for the grandchildren of overseas. Perhaps one of the issues that the new king wanted to discuss in the meetings with Harry rejected by the Duke of Sussex. According to Timeshowever, an approach between the two would have occurred immediately the day after the queen’s death, and Charles would have probed Harry if (in light of the desire for autonomy outside the royal house) it was of interest to the little ones to assume the title of prince. And Harry would have said he’d rather have them decide when he reached the age of reason. One thing for sure, in his first speech as a sovereign to the nation Charles has not forgotten Harry and Meghan, on the contrary, he said he wanted to express his love for Harry and Meghan who continue their life overseas. This complicates the position of the Sussexes, especially Harry, who was supposed to come out with a new revelation book on relations within the royal family in the fall. Book already postponed so as not to interfere with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.

Meanwhile, give it previews of Valentine Low’s book from Times (Courtiers), other episodes emerge. Low writes how at a state banquet on an international tour in Fiji, the duchess showed off wedding earrings by Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, while at that time the world was talking about the murder of dissident Jamal Khashoggi. And that the Duchess would still wear the earrings “under the lens” for Carlo’s 70th birthday. For Meghan’s lawyers, she would have chosen them without knowing where they came from. And again, the volume notes small and large moments of friction between the Sussex and their staff (so much to lead to several steps back).

The Duchess’s relationship with the palace staff has had many thorns: The Times has already revealed that former Sussex communications chief Jason Knauf accused them of bullying. And the queen would have in fact instructed a private company to conduct an investigation into the allegations. Now Low’s book adds anecdotes that dig better the Sussex relationship not only with the Windsors but with the Royal Household: as when in 2017, even before the wedding, Meghan would have said to a collaborator of Harry: I think we both know that I I’ll be one of your bosses now. Many anecdotes revealed, evidently, by former staff members who worked with the Sussexes. Meghan had already been accused several times of moral harassment against her collaborators, in the months preceding the Megxit, his relationship with press officers, private secretaries and the collaborators was marked by sensational and sudden defections. A difficult relationship, in short, the relationship between Sussex and her staff.


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