Halo Infinite has received an ingenious live-action preview

With just a week to go before the shooting FPS comes out, Xbox Games Studios continues to ignite the coal in the hype-train resource with its latest dramatic trailer.

A Halo Infinite its multiplayer gameplay has been a huge success, which even Microsoft has not expected, as after playing a lot of games on consoles, Steam set records that the Redmondians can be proud of.

Although the game has been postponed for more than a year and the beta has seemed bumpy, the single player is said to surpass the thrills of multiplayer adventure, to which each is attached Halofan will be able to click.

The game’s latest preview, Forever We Fight, debuted on Xbox’s official YouTube channel on Sunday. In the bouncy scenes, we can see a shepherd protecting his flock of lambs from hungry wolves as revolutionaries pick up their guns in the fight for their freedom, while in a futuristic environment, we can admire remote-controlled drones and interstellar journeys.

In the penultimate scene of the trailer, Master Chief takes up the fight with aggressive hordes of enemies, until at the end the Xbox logo appears, while the classic melodies of the franchise are played in the background.

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Based on all this, gamers and fans are rightly excited about Halo Infinite its debut, as the developers at Xbox Games Studios have really given themselves up after a slight performance on the latest show during the presentation of the gameplay, so hopefully a brilliant FPS will be put on the table at the end of the first week of December.



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