Gossip: Quake Rebooted with Single-Player Campaign and Female Starring | Newsblock

There were some very exciting rumors around the house of Bethesda that a reboot of the legendary Quake franchise was being prepared around the house of the studio, and what’s more, the first details about it were shared.

Allegedly, id Software is working with Machine Games on the reboot (who aren’t working on the Indiana Jones game adaptation now, by the way), and what’s more, they’ll be making the program in principle with a female protagonist. Because indeed there is also said to be a campaign in the rebootrather than a multiplayer title like Quake Champions.

The information comes from the XboxEra Podcast, however, it is not yet known how certain this leak is. If, on the other hand, it turns out to be true, we are curious to see what it will be like!



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