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Combat delivery problems – reorganize the supply chain

Business games and possible scenarios of the last few decades created possible horror consequences that nobody in Europe really wanted to believe anymore. A year-long pandemic? A war in Europe? Unimaginable, impossible! One could still get involved in smaller “war crimes” and “tragic crises” far away from our “Western civilization” and that our technology and logistics would fix it. We’re strong, that’ll be fine. But it is not.

We recently wrote about this: “As has been described countless times, globalization has severely stretched the supply chain fabric, making it vulnerable to crises both outside of its control and unexpected. But also not strategically sensitized in the relatively short time. This means that there is no sign of relaxation along the supply chain in logistics or intralogistics in the future either.”

Now it’s time to act. If you only do it now, you are late – and there are quite a few! As early as 2012, 16.2% of the companies surveyed stated that they had no solutions and strategies in supply chain risk management. There should be a reaction now at the latest, because the current situation will continue. And what many do not even consider: the danger of a chain reaction and the possible consequences of further crises resulting from it are real. Can anyone seriously say that’s it now?

The solutions are actually simple, but the implementation requires quick action, a lot of energy and work, and above all a long-term orientation:

Another important point for the supply chain is increasing flexibility:

  • Creation of security of supply
  • Consistent planning processes
  • Flexible manufacturing and assembly network
  • Management of new product launches
  • Customer orientation through supply chain segmentation
  • Unified supply chain structures
  • Lean processes
  • Human resources and talent management

Flexibility in the supply chain:

  • Better manage supplier risk
  • Plan holistically
  • Make construction more flexible
  • Adjust product strategies faster


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